UPCET (AKTU) Counselling : 2021 # The Admissions Office will remain open as per the schedule of UPCET (AKTU) Counselling 2021 #

SAY NO TO RAGGING: Ragging is any disorderly conducct whether by words spoken or written or by an act which has the effect of teasing, treating or handling with rudenss to any student, indulging in rowady or undisciplined activities which cause or likely to cause annoyance, hardship or psychological harm or to raise fear or apprehension thereof in a fresher or a junior student and which has the effect of causing or generating a sense of shame or embarrassment so as to adversely affect psyche of a fresher or a junior student.

PUNISHMENT FOR RAGGING: 1. Immediate FIR and Police Action 2. Imprisonment upto Two Years 3. Fine upto Rs.2.5 Lakhs 4. Ternination from College

Hence, Students are advised to refrain themselves from any such Criminal Act

Admissions (2021-22) are now open. Please visit only the campus (D-block, Auditorium) at Galgotias College of Engg & Technology, Plot # 1, Knowledge Park – II, Greater Noida. There is NO other branch / office of this college in any other location.


For Admission related queries, do contact at : 9311763031, 9311792122


Accreditations of B Tech - Mechanical Engineering and B Tech - Electronics and Communication Engineering are further extended by NBA till 30.06. 2024 (Academic Session : 2023-24)


Apply For B Tech, MBA, MCA, B. Pharm and D. Pharm for 2020-21 : Registration for Admission is Open

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    MOUs, Funded Research, Consultancy and Patents


    Department has signed MoU with Infosys. Pvt. Ltd., Wipro Technologies, C# Corner, MCN Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Noida, SAP Software & Solutions, CETPA Infotech Pvt. Ltd, Noida and Amazon Web Services. They provide the industrial exposure/experience to the students through their content delivery at the institute in different time slots. They offer cloud-based resources to the students to perform experiments apart from curriculum. Also, they offer summer training and industrial tour /visits for the students and faculty members at their locations to get hands on experience.

    S. No Industry
    Roles and Description Resource Person Year of MoU Established
    1 Infosys Infosys Campus Connect (ICC) Programme – Imparting the Technical and Soft skills training programme and the faculty enablement by Infosys Mr. Manish Kumar,
    (Infosys certified Trainer for ICC)
    2 Wipro Wipro talent next is training program for students to groom in the field of Core Java, HTML, JavaScript, XML, etc. Mr. Mayank Dixit,
    (Wipro certified Trainer)
    3 C# - Corner
    (MCN Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Noida)
    Conduct workshops,
    industrial visits, events,
    career guidance, certification and provide technical
    training on Machine learning and Python
    Mr. Sourabh Somani,
    Lead Developer & Trainer, Microsoft MVP (python trainer) Mr. Stephen Simon, Trainer,
    Microsoft Innovative
    Educator and C#-
    Corner MVP, (Machine
    Learning Trainer)
    4 AWS –  Educate Programme Provides AWS cloud resources for knowledge and skill development. Dr. Vinit Kumar,
    (AWS Trainer)
    5 SAP   Provide training to the students to be employed as a “SAP Certified Consultant” Mr. Abhishek Tiwari,
    (SAP Trainer) Mr. Ranajoy Chakraborty, SAP Consultant, Knowledge Service Dexler Information Solution, Bangalore
    6 CETPA
    Infotech Pvt. Ltd, Noida,
    Oracle Centre of Excellence and provide training on Java to the students Mr. Vinay Kumar,
    Sr. Orcale Expert,
    CETPA Infotech Pvt. Ltd,Gr. Noida
    7. Deep Learning Research Labs, Bennett University, Greater Noida Deep Learning Training for Students and Faculty Members Dr.Deepak Garg,
    Deep Learning Research Labs,  Bennett University, Greater Noida
    8. Amazing Training Basket Pvt. Ltd. Providing training in courses like CCNA, CCNP, MCSE, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Hadoop etc., Mr. Arun Kumar Ojha
    Technical Expert / Cloud Computing
    Amazing Training Basket Pvt. Ltd.

    Funded Research

    S. No. Project Title Funding Agency Amount Duration Details of PI / Co-PI
    1 Data Stream Mining in Presence of Concept Drifts CRIP, AKTU, Lucknow 3 Lakh 1 Year Dr. Ritesh Srivastava, (PI).
    2 Automated Green Corridor for Life Saving Vehicles CRIP, AKTU, Lucknow 3 Lakh 1 Year Dr. Vishnu Sharma,
    3 Detection and Classification of Lung Diseases from CTMRI Scan using Image Segmentation and Soft Computing CRIP, AKTU, Lucknow 3 Lakh 1 Year Dr. Vinit Kumar,
    4 A Computational Intelligence Approach to EEG Analysis for Characterized Different Levels of Int CRIP, AKTU, Lucknow 3 Lakh 1 Year Mr. Rajiv Kr. Nath,


    S.No. Title of the Patent Name of the Inventor/Inventors Application No. with Date National/International Status (Filed/
    1 The Soil Nutrients To Bring The Good Quality Crops Using Cps And Machine Learning Techniques 1. K. Lalitha
    2. K. Rajkumar
    3. Raju Shanmugam
    4. Sanjeev Kumar
    5. Rajesh Kumar Dhanaraj
    6. U. Hariharan
    7. M. Chandraprabha
    8. BalamuruganBalusamy
    2020103446/16.11.2020 International Granted
    2 ISP- Crime Site Analysis: Intelligent Method and Process of Performing Crime Site Analysis and Management System 1.Goyal, S. B.
    2.Bedi, Pradeep 3.KumarJugnesh
    4. Rai, Jitender Kumar, Raju 
    5. Ankita
    6. Singh, Meeta
    7. Chahal, Poonam 8. Bura, Deepa
    9. Babu Singh, Ram

    International Granted
    3 Method for Face Recognition on the Basis of Sketch Using Deep Convolution Neural Network 1. Dr. DebabrataSamanta
    2. Dr. Sandeep Saxena
    3. Mr. Yoddha Beer Singh
    4. Mr. Pankaj Kumar Keserwani
    5. Dr. Manoj Kumar
    6. Dr. B. Santhosh Kumar
    7. Dr. Nismon Rio
    8. Dr. Ramkumar K
    9. Dr. Mohammad Israr
    201941045946/12.11.19 National Published
    4 Smart Military Equipment Logistic System Using Blockchain Technology 1. Dr. Sandeep Saxena
    2. Dr. Ashok Kumar Pradhan
    3. Mr. Gaurav Kumar Rajput
    4. Ms. Renu Mishra
    5. Mr. TusharMehrotra
    6. Mr. Rishabh
    7. Dr. Vimal Kumar
    202011002478/20.01.2020 National Published
    5 CVR-Intelligent Device:Intelligent device to count the number of vehicle running on road 1. A. Ilavendhan
    2. M Chandra Prabha
    3. Dr. R. Saminathan
    4. Dr. K.M Baalamurugan
    5. Vijay Ramalingam
    6. Dinesh Babu M
    202011017902/28.04.2020 National Published
    6 A System and method of Planting and Breeding based on Internet of Things with loud service and service flow method in Agriculture 1.Dr. AmolPurohit
    2.Dr. Rajeev Shrivastava
    3. Dr.Prateek Mishra
    4. Ms. Mallika Jain
    5. Mrs.Ankita Nigam
    6. Dr.S.SankaraGomathi
    7. Sudheer Tm
    8. S.Vani
    9. Dr.V.Rathina M
    10. Dr. K.Vidyavathi
    11. Saravanan T
    12. Mr.N.Premku Mar
    13. Mr. C.RadhakrIshnan
    14. Dr. M Naresh Kumar
    15. Dr. Sugumaran
    16. Mohammad Javeed
    17. Dr.J.Vijipriya
    R. M.Sivakumar
    19. Dr. G. Sridhar
    20. Dr. M.Senthi
    201911045633/09.11.2019 National Published
    7 IPC – Face Mask: Intelligent Face Mask (RGB- Non-Woven Fabric, Melt-blown Fabric) to Protect from COVID-19 1.Dr. R. Viswanathan
    2.Dr. M. SasiBhushan
    3.Dr. A. Cecil Donald
    4.Dr. K.M Baalamurugan
    5.Vijay Ramalingam
    6. Dinesh Babu M
    202011018432/11.05.2020 National Published
    8 Methods Of Mitigation And Intelligent Post Audit Damages Of Forest Fire 1. K. M Baalamurugan
    2. HimanshuUpadhyay
    3. A. Daniel
    4. R. Vijay
    5. M. Dinesh Babu
    202041028042 / 01.07.2020 National Published
    9 A Novel Technique For Allocation Of Resource And Management Of Iot Gateway For Wireless System 1. Mr. K. Vengatesan
    2. Mr. G. Madhukar Rao
    3. Dr. S. NikkathBushra
    4. Mr. M. Chithambarathanu
    5. Mr. T. Akilan
    6. Dr. N. Janaki Manohar
    202021024412/ 17.07.2020 National Published
    10 Autonomous Vehicle Parking System 1. K.M Baalamurugan
    2. SaurabhSuman
    3.  R. Vijay
    4. M. Dinesh Babu
    202041022848/01.06.2020 National Filed
    11 Smart Personal Digital Assistant: Systems and Methods for Providing Reminders Conveniently Dr. Vinit Kumar 202011023195/03.06.2020 National Filed
    12 Internet of Things and Online Machine Learning Based System for Precision Agriculture 1.Dr. Ritesh Srivastava
    2 Dr. Veena Mittal
    201911045999/12.11.2019 National Filed
    13 Assistive and Adaptive Methods of a Dynamic
    Surveillance System
    1. Dr. Vinit Kumar
    2. Dr. Umang
    202011026626/23.06.2020 National Filed
    14 Pehchaan: An Authentication System and Methods for Social Media Account Dr. Vinit Kumar 202011048750/ 08.11.2020 National Filed
    15 Deep-Learning Based Temporal Recommendation with Reduced User Privacy Concern in the Cloud Environment 1. T. Akilan,
    2. Pathak Nilotpal,
    3. Vishnu Sharma
    4. A. Ponmalar
    5. Ritesh Srivastava
    6. U. Hariharan
    7. K. Raj Kumar
    8. Veena Mittal
    2021100879/ 12.02.2021 International Filed
    16 Vehicle Speeding Detection: Automatic Vehicle Speeding detection, Location Notification and Tracking System 1. Dr. Parma Nand
    2. Dr. Nitin Rakesh
    3. Dr. SanjoyDass
    4. Dr. Vishnu Sharma
    5. Dr. Anil Kumar Sagar
    6. Dr. DaneshAther
    7. Dr. Arun Kumar
    8. Ms. Rani Astya
    9. Dr. GulshanShrivastava
    10. Dr. Indrani Das
    202111000125/03.01.2021 National Filed
    17 Two Axis (1800) Intelligent Solar Tracking System Using Integrated Artificial Intelligent System 1.Dr. Parma Nand
    2. Dr. Nitin Rakesh
    3. Dr. SanjoyDass
    4. Dr. Vishnu Sharma
    5. Dr. Anil Kumar Sagar
    6. Dr. DaneshAther
    7. Dr. Arun Kumar
    8. Ms. Rani Astya
    9. Dr. GulshanShrivastava
    10. Dr. Indrani Das
    202111000123/03.01.2021   Filed
    18 Smart Irrigation Enriched With Fertilizer Mixing and Water Wastage Reduction Using Deep Learning Techniques 1.Sathyamoorthy, Malathy
    2. Dilip Shanti, Manoj
    3. Chatterjee, Prasenjit
    4. Sharma, Vishnu
    5. Gandhare, Nilesh V.
    6. S. Ali, Parvez
    7. Chandraprabha, M.
    8. Kumar Dhanaraj, Rajesh
    9. Kuppusamy, Sangeetha
    2021100962/21.2.2021 International Filed
    19 IoT Based Secure Educational System 1. Singh, Prabh Deep 2. Kaur, Rajbir
    3. Deep, Kiran
    4. Deep, Tejinder
    5. Gupta, Ankita
    6. Soni, Priyanka
    7.  Deora, Bharat Singh
    8. Kaur, Amanpreet 9. Kaur, Sapinderjit
    2021101149/04.03.2021 International Filed
    2 . Dr. Sahil Kansal
    3 . Dr.Inderpreet Kaur
    4 . Ms. Arti Ranjan
    5 . Mr. Pushpendra Singh
    6 . Ms. Anika Bhardwaj
    7 . Ms. Jeetu Singh
    8 . Dr. Akhilesh Latoria
    9 . Ms. Ruchi Kamra
    10 . Mr. Naveen Kumar
    11 . Mr. Gaurav Bhatia
    12 . Mr. Mohit Goyal
    13 . Dr. Veena Khandelwal
    202111009215/ 12/03/2021 National Published



    • Department of Applied Science is organizing an International Conference on Innovation and Application in Science & Technology (ICIAST-2021) during December 21-23, 2021. Conference Website:https://iciast.in/
    • B.Tech. Program of "Mechanical Engineering" and "Electronics & Communication Engineering" is further accredited by NBA till 2023-2024 session (30-06-2024).


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    • Tech Perspect Software Pvt. Ltd. Skill Lotto Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (A Sugal & Damani (SND) group) Leewayhertz Fluper Ltd Shriram Pistons & Rings Ltd. Nagarro
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