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G-MECH - Annual Tech Fest 2018

The Annual Technical Festival of the Department of Mechanical engineering, Galgotia college of engineering and technology, Greater Noida, had a successful inaugural edition which was organized from 10th to 11th March 2018. The two days of extravaganza witnessed an overwhelming participation from all Delhi NCR and Uttar Pradesh region. The emotions and feeling of celebration was spread all across the campus and the joy of a new beginning was in the norms of the atmosphere. The beginning of the new start had happened and now it was the time to take this start to an amazing end. The great fest was about to begin. G-Mech 2 was inaugurated at the hands of Dr. Pawan Arora of Mechanical Department, Galgotia College of Engineering and Technology. On 10th march 2018 in the ceremony which was attended by all Mechanical Department professor and students and other colleges participants. The inauguration was followed by a student who facilitated them with flowers.

The fest was then declared open by the honourable Head of Department of Mechanical Department – Dr. Asim Qadri. A person who enlightened the stage by his auspicious words and explained the importance of the fest and motivated students to have an active participation in the fest at the same time. The various events where then again highlighted in the inauguration that where about to happen. The support of the faculties from the Mechanical Department was a source of motivation for the students that helped then to make the fest grand and successful. The support provided by them proved to be of great help and to bring out the best results from the coordinators of the fest.

All the technical events witnessed a very large and enthusiastic participation from various colleges all around the Delhi NCR and Uttar Pradesh including GNIOT, G L Bajaj, LOYAD, PSIT Kanpur to name a few. Two days of celebration were marked by all sorts of emotions like pride for victory, frustrations, joy and celebrations. The fest incorporated all types of events such as technical, fun as well as skill-based events. The enthusiastic participation of coordinators in the fest formed a greater reason for the success of the fest. Various events that took place in this grand fest where in the domains of Robotics, Designing, Skill Development and Brain Storming.

The category of events in robotics included mega events such as Robo Race, Robo War, Robo Soccer, Line Follower Robot and Quadcopter Racing. These events had multiple number of entries from colleges in the Delhi NCR region as well as participation from the college and department. The robotics events proved to be great success as the overall coordination and synchronization of the events where perfect. The next category events where that of designing in which students of mechanical department where tested in their skills of developing 2-dimensional design as the basis to win the competition.

The most promising and new category that was taken up in this version of fest was the Skill Development or the Innovation Category of events. The events where such that they had the pinch of fun to it and had the scope of pushing the students to new boundaries of self-exploration and generating new ideas. These events included Funk from Junk, Building Blocks and Stick Build. These events proved to be an ideal source of design thinking for the students as they bought the sense of understanding and developing new from the resources and knowledge that they already posed.

The last category of events where that of Brain Storming that included events that enhance and force to think deep. These events included Rubik Cube Solving and Sudoku. A huge number of students from the college emerged to have participation in these events. Students from various departments participated actively and won prizes.

The 1st day saw a heavy pressure on the coordinators, starting from arranging the venues and preparing the tracks from robotic events. All the pressure taken was converted into joy when each event was initiated at the proposed time and finished smooth. For the events that demanded special support, students from the department actively came forward to be the helping hand and make the events successful. The 1st day completed with the completion of events such as Robo War, Robo Soccer, Stick Build, Sudoku and Rubik Cube Solving. This gave a huge source of motivation to the students to keep their passions up for the next day of the fest. Each coordinator was looking to make the next day of the fest, grander than the first day.

The 2nd day started with lots of crowd for the participation in different events from students of Mechanical Department as well as from students of another department. The events covered on the 2nd day where, Robo Race, Line Follower Robot, Quadcopter Racing, CAD Designing, Building Blocks and Funk from Junk. The level of enthusiasm was already up for this day, but it grew stronger when the fest completed with grand success.

The day-2 ended with the prize distribution ceremony where professors and Head of Department of Mechanical Department presented token of towards to the winners. At the dice we had, Head of Mechanical Department - Dr. Asim Qadri, Dr.Manoj Kumar Lomhi (Professor) and Dr. Sudeep Ghatak (Professor). The joy and satisfaction on the faces of the participants and the winners where the result of the successful completion of the fest.

The fest could not have been grand and successful without the support of the faculties, students and the Head of the Department of Mechanical Department. The passion developed in this fest will surely help us to make the next G-Mech more successful than this. The memories of this fest will always bring a joyful smile to its members.

  • Annual Tech Fest 2018
  • Annual Tech Fest 2018
  • Annual Tech Fest 2018
  • Annual Tech Fest 2018
  • Annual Tech Fest 2018
  • Annual Tech Fest 2018
  • Annual Tech Fest 2018
  • Annual Tech Fest 2018
  • Annual Tech Fest 2018
  • Annual Tech Fest 2018
  • Annual Tech Fest 2018
  • Annual Tech Fest 2018
  • Annual Tech Fest 2018
  • Annual Tech Fest 2018
  • Annual Tech Fest 2018
  • Annual Tech Fest 2018
  • Annual Tech Fest 2018
  • Annual Tech Fest 2018
  • Annual Tech Fest 2018
  • Annual Tech Fest 2018
  • Annual Tech Fest 2018
  • Annual Tech Fest 2018
  • Annual Tech Fest 2018

G-Mech Events Winners List

Events Position Winners Department College Name
Roborace 1 Gaurav Malik EC NIET
2 Amit tiwari EC NIET
3 Anubhav singh EE GCET
Robowar 1 Divyanshu singh CS PSIT kanpur
2 Mayank Singh EC GNIOT
3 Shivang EC GCET
Robosoccer 1 Vikas CS PSIT Kanpur
2 Satyam Dubey EE NIET
3 Divyanshu singh CS PSIT kanpur
Drone racing 1 Syed Gulam Askari ME GCET
2 Anshul EC GCET
3 Anubhav singh EE GCET
Funk from junk 1 Prasahant kumar ME GCET
2 Prashant tripathi ME GCET
3 Md. Sageer, Anshul ME GCET
Stick build 1 Aditya jaiswal CE GCET
2 Siddharth Mishra CE GCET
Auto cadd 1 Vikash Kumar Pandey ME GCET
Building blocks 1 Prakhar Gaur IT GCET
2 devanshi singh IT GCET
3 shlok singh CS GCET
LFR 1 Shivang  EC GCET
2 Gauri mishra CS GCET
3 Ritik singh EC GCET
Sudoku 1 Mayank Sharna EC GCET
2 Akansha Agrawal LAW LOYAD
3 deepti IT GCET

Certificate Format

  • Certificate Format

Tech-fest 2016

G-MECH, a society of Department of Mechanical Engineering, GCET, Greater, Noida organized one day Tech-fest 2016 on 15/11/2016.The main events held were extempore, quiz and treasure hunt .More than 200 students participated in these events. Award to winners and certificate of participation were distributed by Director GCET.

Professional Society And Club

Mechanical Engineering department has GMECH Society which organizes Technical fest, publishes technical magazines and organizes various other events

SAE Collegiate Club since 2011

S.No. Faculty Advisor Total No of Members Activities Year
1 Dr. J.K. Yadav 50 Organizing workshops, participation in various events organised by SAE India ASME student’s chapter since 2013
2 Dr. M.A. Qadri 15 Organizing workshops, participation in various events organised by ASME and its local chapters. G-Mech Society since 2006
3 Dr. M.K. Lohumi 200

Main events organized by above society / club at institute in last three years:

Date Event Organised by No. of Participants
20-08-2016 SAE Orientation Program SAE collegiate club 180
10-09-2016 to
Auto Desk software Training Program SAE collegiate club 30
22-10-2016 Demonstration of Engine Assembly SAE collegiate club 50
11-11-2016 Design of Suspension System SAE collegiate club 40
Tech Fest GMECH Society 400
27-02-2016 Technical Quiz GMECH Society 60
02-04-2016 Debate Competition GMECH Society 10
22-08-2015 SAE Orientation Program SAE collegiate club 150
Solidworks  software Training Program SAE collegiate club 30
31-01-2015 Technical Quiz GMECH Society 60
07-03-2015 Debate Competition GMECH Society 10
09-08-2014 SAE Orientation Program SAE collegiate club 100
ASME Orientation Program ASME Galgotias Chapter 60
08-11-2014 Technical Quiz GMECH Society 60
15-03-2014 Debate Competition GMECH Society 10

Participation in inter institute events

Date / Session Event Team/ Participants Organized By Results
16th Jan-19th Jan 2014 ASME HPVC India  Team Efficace – 20 members from 2nd, 3rd and 4th year ASME India at IIT-Delhi 16th Jan-19th Jan" 9th rank in Design Event and achieve highest points in Safety Criterion out of 39 participating teams.
28th to 30th March 2014 Student Professional Development Conference (SPDC) 2014 Adarsh Kumar, Shubham Kant, Vikas yadav, Mayank, Ratnesh, Mohd. Safdar, Pranjal, Satyarth.  ASME India, District G Asia-Pacific at BITS Pilani Presented Paper
2014-2015 SAE-NIS Efficycle 2014 Zyklus UIET- Chandigarh 4th  North India, 32nd  Overall (out of 250 teams)
BAJA SAE India 2015: Chassis Z Prestige Institute Of Engineering & Science, Indore 71st Rank
Hybrid Go Kart Challenge Automiester    
Electric Solar Vehicle Challenge 2014 ARKA LPU Best Acceleration and Braking Award
2015-2016 SAENIS Efficycle 2015 Zyklus LPU, Jalandhar 23rd Rank
OFF- Road Battle Mudbeast Gautam Budh University 4th Rank
Zonal level Technical, Management and Literary Fest-2016 GCET (Akshaty Kumar Amisht,Abhay Pratap Singh and Dhruv Pathak) JSSATE, Noida
1st Position in AUTO CAD DESIGN (Designing using Autocad)
National conference On Innovative Concepts in Mechanical Engineering
(ICME – 2016)
Anil Kumar, Abhijeet Sharma, Lucky Gupta, Nikhil Sahoo, Kanishka Kr. Singh, Abhishek Dubey, Ankit Omar Divya Prakash Pandey Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College
Presented two Papers at National Conference.
2016-2017 SAENIS Efficycle 2016 Zyklus LPU, Jalandhar 5th Rank
BAJA SAE India Chassis Z Prestige Institute Of Engineering & Science, Indore  secured 40th position out of 492 registered college all over india.
Baja Student India Chassis Z BSI, Buddh international circuit, Greater Noida 46th  Rank
APOGEE 2017 THE RETROFUTURE Syed Ghulam Askari BITS Pilani 2nd Position



  • Department of Applied Science is organizing an International Conference on Innovation and Application in Science & Technology (ICIAST-2021) during December 21-23, 2021. Conference Website:
  • B.Tech. Program of "Mechanical Engineering" and "Electronics & Communication Engineering" is further accredited by NBA till 2023-2024 session (30-06-2024).


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