SAY NO TO RAGGING: Ragging is any disorderly conducct whether by words spoken or written or by an act which has the effect of teasing, treating or handling with rudenss to any student, indulging in rowady or undisciplined activities which cause or likely to cause annoyance, hardship or psychological harm or to raise fear or apprehension thereof in a fresher or a junior student and which has the effect of causing or generating a sense of shame or embarrassment so as to adversely affect psyche of a fresher or a junior student.

PUNISHMENT FOR RAGGING: 1. Immediate FIR and Police Action 2. Imprisonment upto Two Years 3. Fine upto Rs.2.5 Lakhs 4. Ternination from College

Hence, Students are advised to refrain themselves from any such Criminal Act

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Admissions (2023-24) are now open. Please visit only the campus (D-block, Auditorium) at Galgotias College of Engg & Technology, Plot # 1, Knowledge Park – II, Greater Noida. There is NO other branch / office of this college in any other location.


For Admission related queries, do contact at : - +91-7303382061 / +91-7303382063 / 0120-4513800


Accreditations of B Tech - Mechanical Engineering and B Tech - Electronics and Communication Engineering are further extended by NBA till 30.06. 2024 (Academic Session : 2023-24)


Apply For B Tech, MBA, MCA, B. Pharm and D. Pharm for 2022-23 : Registration for Admission is Open

Sports Teams

Sports Teams

Galgotias Hockey Team

Team Members

S. No. Name Admission No. Branch
1 Dhananjay Singh 15GCEBEI005 IT (4th Year)
2 Tushar Bhatt 15GCEBEI014 EI (4th Year)
3 Prakhar Sharma
4 Rajat Singh 15GCEBEN053 EEE (4th Year)
5 Syed Akbar Abbas 15GCEBEN115 IT (4th Year)
6 Mohd. Anam Chaudhary 15GCEBEI038 EI (4th Year)
7 Sumit Anjana 15GCEBEI054 EI (4th Year)
8 Shivam Yadav 16GCEBEC023 ECE (3rd Year)
9 Shubham Chaudhary 16GCEBIT011 IT (3rd Year)
10 Anirudh Singh 17SCSE101938 GU-CSE (3rd Year)
11 Harshit Jain 17GSOL103025 GU-Law (2nd Year)
12 Akshat Rastogi 17SCSE101493 GU-SCE (2nd Year)
13 Amit Randhawa
14 Ashutosh Srivastava 17SCSE101905 GU-SCE (2nd Year)

Galgotias Football Team

S. No. Name Admission No. Branch
1 Faizan Zahoor 15GSCE101053 Civil (4th Year)
2 Aashish Dahran 16GCSE112059 CSE (3rd Year)
3 Nilesh Chauhan 16GSCE105002 Civil (3rd Year)
4 Shashank Saxena 16GSCSE107019 CSE (3rd Year)
5 Apurv Saxena 16SCSE101404 CSE (3rd Year)
6 Omkar Vashistha 17SCSE101655 CSE (3rd Year)
7 Taiwo Mayomi 17SCSE203098 MCA 2nd Year
8 Shashwat Tripathi 16SCSE105022 CSE (3rd Year)
9 Kunal Singh 17GSOB101113 BBA (3rd Year)
10 Simon C. Peter 17SMS104038 B.SC 2nd Year
11 Lav Sharma 16SCSE101964 CSE (3rd Year)
12 Sanyam Raheja 16SCSE107004 CSE (3rd Year)
13 Wana Collins 17SCSE110007 CSE (2nd Year)
14 Ayush Rai 16SCSE101501 CSE (3rd Year)
15 Rahul Sinha 16SCSE101571 CSE (3rd Year)
16 Mohd. Faizan 17GSOB201260 MBA (2nd Year)
17 Abhijeet Negi 16SCSE101492 CSE (3rd Year)
18 Mayank Bhaisoora 16SCME101018 Civil (3rd Year)
19 Gaurav Tiwari 16GSCE101109 Civil (3rd Year)
20 David Ibata 16GBTC409004 Chemical Engg. (2nd Year)
21 Shubham Tiwari 16SCSE1112020 CSE (3rd Year)
22 Siddharth CSE (3rd Year)
23 Abhishek CSE (3rd Year)
24 Ashwani Civil (3rd Year)
25 Anil Kumar 17SCSE101404 CSE (2nd Year)
26 Gift Nyamika 17GSOB101325 CSE (3rd Year)
27 Vikalp Mishra 17GCEBME075 ME (3rd Year)
28 Shashi Shekhar 17GCEBEN119
29 Shikhar Verma 16GCEBME ME (3rd Year)
30 Pranav Prakash 16GCEBEC106 ECE (3rd Year)
31 Yash Chaturvedi 17GCEBME ME (3nd Year)
32 Navneet Prakash 15GCEBCS003 CSE (4th Year)
33 Arpit Jain 15GCEBCS124 CSE (4th Year)
34 Ajay Pathak 15GCEBCE054 CE (4th Year)
35 Aditya Singh 15GCEBME ME (4th Year)
36 Anurag Dubey 15GCEBME ME (4th Year)

Galgotias Basketball Team

Basketball Team (Boys)

S. No. Name Admission No. Branch
1 Anuj Rana 15GCEBME002 ME 4th Year
2 Anant Chauhan 16GSOB101051 SOB 3rd Year
3 Aditya Teotia 16GCEBCE114 CE 3rd Year
4 Aayush Saraswat 15GCEBEE041 EE 4th Year
5 Balbir Singh 15GCEBME008 ME 4th Year
6 Abhishek Gautam 15GCEBEC002 EC 4th Year
7 Jitin Bhardwaj 15GSOL103065 SOL 4th Year
8 Ekansh Tyagi 17GSOL103024 SOL 2nd Year
9 Naveen Kumar 17SCME101770 ME 2nd Year
10 Vikas Mishra 17SCME101064 ME 2nd Year
11 Saurabh Rai 17GCEBEC139 EC 2nd Year
12 Lakshay Vardhan 17GCEBIT139 IT 2nd Year
13 Anikhet Khokam 16GCEBBCE032 CE 3rd Year
14 Sandeep Gupta 15GCEBIT122 IT 4th Year
15 Aditya Singh Tomer 16GCEBME051 ME 3rd Year
16 Dhananjay Mewat 16SCSE101629 CSE 3rd Year
17 Rajat Tiwari 16SCSE101021 CSE 3rd Year
18 Gaurav Kumar 16SCSE105031 CSE 3rd Year
19 Hardik Raj 17GSOB101362 SOB 2nd Year
20 Vedanshu Srivastav 17GSOB101366 SOB 2nd Year
21 Abhishek Singh 16SOB101051 SOB 3rd Year

Basketball Team (Girls)

S. No. Name Admission No. Branch
1 Aishwarya Singh 17SMAS101037 SMAS 2nd year
2 Rupal Singh 16GCEBEC ECE
3 Deepnajali Singh 15GCEBIT131 IT
4 Meenal Handa 17SCSE104010 CSE
5 Nancy Chetri 17GSOB101345 SOB
6 Himani Martolia 17GSOB101075 SOB
7 Ritika Gupta 17SMAS101039 SMAS 2nd year

Galgotias Volleyball Team

Volleyball (Boys) Team

S. No. Name Admission No. Branch
1 Gaurav 17SCSE101061 B-Tech-CSE
2 Rohit Nagar 17AASBAS101063 Forensics
3 Tarun Bhati 17GPTC401082 Diploma
4 Aman Pandey 17SCSE101162 B-Tech-CSE
5 Abhishek Singh 17GCEBCE043 B-Tech-CE
6 Rohit Sharma 17SCSE101643 B-Tech-CSE
7 Shahbaz Aslam 17GSOB101292 BA-LLB.
8 Sidhant Jadli 16SCSE104016 BCA
9 Mohit Karakoti 16SMAS101002 BPT
10 Ramakant 16SMAS101039 BPT
11 Dakshesh Kashyap 16SCSE101854 B-Tech-CSE
12 Zeeshan Noor 17SCSE101654 B-Tech-CSE

Volleyball (Girls) Team

S. No. Name Admission No. Branch
1 Ruchi Yadav 15GCEBEN097 EEE 4thyear
2 Siddhi Baranwal 1709470105 MBA 2nd year
3 Shreya Agrawal 16GCEBCS1210 CS 3rd Year
4 Minal Garg 17SCSE101666 CS 2nd year
5 Monika Sharma 17SCSE101760 CS 2nd year
6 Himani Singh 17GSSC202018 MBA 2nd year
7 Sneha Biswal 17SMAS101111 Physiotherepy
8 Subhangi Pandey 17SCSE101412 CS 2nd year
9 Shraddha Verma 16GCETBEC101 EC 3rd Year
10 Manvi Gahlot 17SBAS101039 Forensic Science
11 Tusharika Singh 16GCEBIT IT 3rd Year
12 Akshita Rawat 16SCSE101544 CS 3RD yr
13 Arushi Shrivastva 16GCEBEN021 EEE 3rd Year
14 Swapragati Pandey 15GCEBEN071 EEE 4thyear
15 Divya Chanbey 17SMAS101058 Physiotheraphy
16 Kajal Yadav 17SMAS401024 Diploma

Galgotias Cricket Team

S. No. Name Admission No. Branch
1 Krishna Gopal Dwivedi 16GCEBEC025 ECE 3rd Year
2 Nakul Sharma 17SBAS101036 Forensics 2nd Year
3 Aryan Kishan 16GPTC401006 ECE 3rd Year
4 Abhinav Sharma 17SMAS102076
5 Md. Irfan 16GPTC401006 Diploma-ME
6 Vishal Baliyan 16GCEBIT008 IT 3rd Year
7 Swatantra 16GCEBIT089 IT 3rd Year
8 Nitish Kumar 16GCEBEN033 EEE 3rd Year
9 Rishabh Mishra 17GCEBEI040 EI 4th Year
10 Rishabh Saraswat 16GCEBME107 ME 3rd Year
11 Akash Dhakrey 16GCEBME124 ME 3rd Year
12 Pratyush Srivastava 16SCSE107056 CSE 3rd Year
13 Dhruv Verma 16GCEBEC044 EC 3rd Year
14 Zafar Yab Ahmad 17GPTC401045 Diploma

Galgotias Badminton Team

Badminton (Boys) Team

S. No. Name Admission No. Branch
1 Shadman Akhtar 15GCEBEN114 EEE 4th Year
2 Mayank Malik 155MAS102042 MAS 4th Year
3 Harsh Jaiswal 15GCEBIT110 IT 4th Year
4 Vivaan Sharma 17GCEBI5093 IT 2nd Year
5 Geetansh Chhabra 17GMAS101018 MAS 2nd Year
6 Kartikey Sharma 15GCEBEI040 EI 4th Year
7 Sahil Shashtri 16GCSE101532 CSE 4th Year
8 Shubham Tyagi 15GMAS102038 MAS 4th Year
9 Vinay Pandey 16GCEBEN059 EEE 3rd Year
10 Ankush Singh 16GCEBCS097 CS 3rd Year

Badminton (Girls) Team

S. No. Name Admission No. Branch
1 Pushti Dublish 17GS0L102085 LAW 2nd Year
2 Archana Upadhyay 17GS0L102055 LAW 2nd Year
3 Anudeshika Singh 17GCEBIT076 IT 2nd Year
4 Jahanvi Gupta 16GCEBCS074 CSE 3rd Year
5 Himanshi Agrawal 16GCEBIT048 IT 3rd Year
6 Sneha Tiwari 17GMAS101042 Physiotherapy 2nd Year
7 Aishwary Singh Bhadoria 17GMAS101037 Physiotherapy 2nd Year

Galgotias Table Tennis Team

Table Tennis (Boys) Team

S. No. Name Admission No. Branch
1 Alok Pratap 16GCEBEE016 EE 2nd Year
2 Abhishek Pandey 16GCEBEE050 EE 2nd Year
3 Snehil parashar 16gceben031 EEE 2nd Year
4 Sudhanshu sikka 17GSOB101343 SOB
5 Shraddha Singh EEE 4th Year

Galgotias Chess Team

S. No. Name Admission No. Branch
1 Anshul Bhardwaj 16SCME101116 ME
2 Vasu Bajpai 17GCEBIT100 CSE
3 Anisha Sharma 17SBAS19015 FORENSICS
4 Rahul Maurya 17SCSE114060 CSE
5 Anandita Raj 15GCEBCE031 CE
6 Al Zaib Mohd. 15SCSE102001 CSE
7 Bipul Roy Danwar 17SCSE1019559 CSE
8 Shubham Patel 16GCEBME024 ME
9 Rishi Singh 17SCSE101287 CSE
10 Sachi Tripathi 16GCEBEC012 ECE

Galgotias Martial Arts Team

S. No. Name Admission No. Branch
1 Puneet Khanna 15097310 ECE 4th Year
2 Devansh Agarwal 1709731035 ECE 2nd Year
3 Mubashshira Farooqui 17SCSE101157 CSE 2nd Year
4 Abhishek Rai 1509710004 CSE 4th Year
5 Nancy Jain 1709713063 IT 2nd Year
6 Love Verma 1609713049 IT-3rd year
7 Vijendra Singh 1609720063 EE 3rd Year
8 Shams Parwez 17GPTC404003 Polytechnic (civil) 2nd Year
9 Abhishek Pratap Singh 1713101139 CSE 2nd Year
10 Harshit Tyagi 1609710045 CSE 3rd Year
11 Anuj Singh Rajput 1714102001 ME 2nd Year
12 Vishal Kumar 17SCME101094 Mechanical 2nd Year
13 Shatakshi Gupta 1709710099 CSE 2nd Year
14 Deeksha Verma 1509720023 Electrical 4th Year
15 Shiladitya Basu 1609720911 EE 4th Year
16 Aditya 1609740009 ME 3rd Year
17 Rahul Yadav 1709731908 ECE 3rd Year
18 Asraj Ali 1709720903 EE 3rd Year
19 Kshitij Bajpai 1609710052 CSE 3rd Year
20 Ranjeet Soni 1709731080 E.C.E 2nd Year
21 Priyal Verma 1509731072 EC 4th Year
22 Deepak Baghel 17SCME101103 M.E. 2nd Year
23 Deepika Yadav 1709700039 Civil 2nd Year
24 Bama Kant Kar 1609710912 CSE 4th Year
25 Amit Kumar Soni 1509731901 ECE 4th Year
26 Prakhar Pratap Singh 1609731064 ECE 3rd Year
27 M.Shadaab 1609720028 EE 3rd Year
28 Sumit Singh Chhonkar 1509722045 CSE 4th Year
29 Prerit Sinha 1609731070 ECE 3rd Year


Horse Riding



  • Department of Applied Science is organizing an International Conference on Innovation and Application in Science & Technology (ICIAST-2021) during December 21-23, 2021. Conference Website:
  • B.Tech. Program of "Mechanical Engineering" and "Electronics & Communication Engineering" is further accredited by NBA till 2023-2024 session (30-06-2024).


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