" "

SAY NO TO RAGGING: Ragging is any disorderly conducct whether by words spoken or written or by an act which has the effect of teasing, treating or handling with rudenss to any student, indulging in rowady or undisciplined activities which cause or likely to cause annoyance, hardship or psychological harm or to raise fear or apprehension thereof in a fresher or a junior student and which has the effect of causing or generating a sense of shame or embarrassment so as to adversely affect psyche of a fresher or a junior student.

PUNISHMENT FOR RAGGING: 1. Immediate FIR and Police Action 2. Imprisonment upto Two Years 3. Fine upto Rs.2.5 Lakhs 4. Ternination from College

Hence, Students are advised to refrain themselves from any such Criminal Act



Competitive Exams Details

Student Name Competitive Exam Score
Anoop Kumar GATE 2018 50
Abhishek Chakraborty GATE 2017 836
Raghuvendra Pal GATE 2017 414
Sandeep Singh GATE 2017 365
Trishal Patel GATE 2016 816
Gaurav SinghalL GATE 2016 732
Abhishek Kumar Singh GATE 2016 682
Vidushi Pradhan GATE 2016 615
Abhishek Chakraborty GATE 2016 559
Pradyumn Kumar Tiwari GATE 2016 532
Jugul Kishor GATE 2016 512
Ankit Rai GATE 2016 459
Santosh kumar Kasaudhan GATE 2016 449
Dushyant Singh GATE 2016 374
Sumit Mohan GATE 2016 358
Sandeep Singh CAT-2016 97.74
Deepak Kumar CEED 2016 31
Navneet Kaur GATE-2015 600
Shubhangi Agrawal GATE-2015 593
Tulika Agrawal GATE-2015 544
Dushyant Shukla GATE-2015 477
Shivam Gupta GATE-2015 425
Anuroop Katiyar GATE 2015 425
Rohit Agrawal GATE-2015 400
Tannu Priya GATE-2015 361
Prashant Singh GATE 2015 342
Nidhi Anand GATE-2015 322
Arushi Kansal CAT-2015 138
Pawan Agrawal CMAT-2015 176
Rohit Singh GATE-2014 812
Supriya Sharma GATE-2014 648
Raj Gaurav Srivastava GATE-2014 582
Pulin Kumar Singh GATE-2014 461
Rajan Singh GATE-2014 449
Ayush Tiwari GATE-2014 449
Samstaurej Siddiquie GATE-2014 321
Abhishek Kumar Verma GATE-2014 289
Abhinav Gupta CAT-2014 163.18
Pawan Agrawal CAT-2014 127.36
Praveen Kumar GATE-2013 656
Bhanu Pratap Singh GATE-2013 595
Nagendra Kumar Mishra GATE-2013 441
Shubham Omar GATE-2013 413
Rajat GATE-2013 407
Shikhar Suri CAT-2013 228
Himanil Singh CAT-2013 209
Sadik Khan CAT-2013 158
Ankit Gupta CAT-2013 124
Manish Shukla CAT-2013 87
Kushagar Mehta IELTS-2013 8
Diwakar Puri IELTS-2013 6.5
Harshit Kapoor IELTS-2013 7.5


Name Batch GATE Score All India Rank Photo
Dushyant Shukla 2011 477 4965 Dushyant Shukla
Navneet kaur 2011 600 1795 Navneet kaur
Nidhi 2011 322 17048 Nidhi
Rohit Agarwal 2011 400 9201 Rohit Agarwal
Shivam Gupta 2011 425 7499 Shivam Gupta
Shubhangi Agarwal 2011 593 1927 Shubhangi Agarwal
Tulika Agarwal 2011 544 2931 Tulika Agarwal


Name Batch CAT Score Percentile Photo
Pawan Agarwal 2011 127.36 88.14 Pawan Agarwal
Abhinav Gupta 2011 163.18 96.39 Abhinav Gupta


Name Batch CMAT Score Percentile Photo
Pawan Agarwal 2011 176 96.74 Pawan Agarwal


Name Batch GRE Score Percentile Photo
Alabhaya Maheshwari 2011 156.5 71.5 Alabhaya Maheshwari
  1. Ashish Patnaik, Nabila Hyder, Analysis of Challenges, Capacity & Protocol issues in MANET; International Conference on Emerging Trends & Developments in Science, Management & Technology; RKGIT Ghaziabad, 2013, ISBN No. 978-81-924342-2-3

  2. Preety Sharma, 2012. Multi-hop/direct forwarding for 3D wireless sensor networks. In proceedings of the CUBE International Information Technology Conference (CUBE’12). ACM, New York, USA, 344-349.
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    • Ashish Goel Customer Purchasing Behaviour using Sequential Pattern Mining Technique. International Journal of Computer Applications (0975-8887), Volume 119-No.1, June 2015.

Student placed in INFOSYS as ‘POWER PROGRAMMER’ in 2018

Name Year Achievement Year of Achievement Photo
Kushagra Dalmia 4th Year Kushagra Dalmia from IT final year had competed with 50,000 participants and had been selected in top 100 candidates for the GRAND FINALE of INFOSYS, ‘HackWithInfy’ contest and cleared the interview and got the placement in INFOSYS as a ‘POWER PROGRAMMER’ with a very good package of 8 Lakh per annum in 2018. 2018 Ankur Jain
Subham Kumar 3rd Year
  1. Intern as a SOFTWARE ENGINEER at Govt. of Delhi (Ministry of Health & Education Department) in 2018.
  2. Open Source Contribution (Paytm Build for India) in 2018.
  3. Student Lead Co-ordinator at “GOOGLE DEVELOPER STUDENT CLUB”
  4. Teacher Assistant at (GOOGLE DEVELOPER DAY 2017) India.
  5. Our Team Secured among Top 20 across INDIA in Digital Ocean Campus Champ 2017
  6. Secured 3rd position in Project Display NIT Allahabad in” AVISHKAR “.
  7. Won Google India Challenge Scholarship Phase 1 in Android Developer Track.
2018 Ankur Jain
Pragati Jaiswal 4th Year Pragati Jaiswal has won many awards/medals for outstanding performance in technical activities at national and international level. 2018 Ankur Jain

Her award’s list is given below:

Year Rank Activity Name National/International Activity Place
2018-Mar 2nd Rank International Autonomous Robotics Competition International Techkriti, IIT Kanpur
2018-Feb 1st Rank Take Off (Prelims)/National National Techkriti, IIT Kanpur
2018-Feb 1st Rank International Autonomous Robotics Competition (Prelims) International Techkriti, IIT Kanpur
2017-Feb 1st Rank Rule The Sky (Prilims)/National National Techkriti, IIT Kanpur
2017-Mar 1st Rank Maze Runner/National National Metacognition, Galgotias College
2017-Feb 1st Rank Maneuver (Prelims)/National National Techkriti, IIT Kanpur
2017-Feb 4th Rank Mind Maze/National National Tryst, IIT Delhi
2016-Sep 3rd Rank Escalade/National National Techniche, IIT Guwahati
2016-Jul 1st Rank Escalade (Prilims)/National National Techniche, IIT Guwahati
2018-Mar Zonal Qualification Robotics Unmanned Systems/National National DRUSE, DRDO

IT Students Gate Qualified

Year Roll No Student Name
2018 CS18S33032445 Anand Bajpai GATE
2018 CS18S35024020 Himanshu Maurya GATE
2018 CS18S33022141 Akhilesh Kumar Singh GATE
2018 CS18S33032038 Prabhav Garg GATE
2018 CS18S35009021 Prakhar Saxena GATE
2018 CS18S33032755 Niharika Singh GATE
2018 CS18S33032507 Shweta Gupta GATE
2018 CS18S35021042 Deepak Budhwani GATE
2017 CS17S53009079 Akshansh Tyagi GATE
2016 5034656 Rishabh Chaurasia CAT
2016 CS16S58043158 Richa Sharma GATE
2016 CS16S63019150 Vishwadeep Shukla GATE
2016 CS16S58018120 Vineet Kr. Singh GATE
2016 CS16S68022041 Priyanka Gupta GATE
2016 CS16S63028137 Sankalp Vashishth GATE
2015 4269782 Lohit Nagpal
2015 CS88016S7408 Lohit Nagpal GATE
2015 CS33034S6185 Satyam Bhandari GATE
2015 CS88014S6407 Manish Pratap Singh GATE
2015 CS88014S6408 Aayush Pandey GATE
2015 CS88032S6031 Himani Srivastava GATE
2015 CS33026S6067 Apoorv Singh Sirohi GATE
2014 CS304807110 AJay kr. Yadav GATE
2014 CS304107034 Ankur Sahu GATE
2014 Ajay Yadav GATE
2014 CS303908116 Ashish Kanwar GATE
2014 CS802207398 Somesh Sharma GATE
2014 CS304809175 Rashmi Singh GATE
2014 CS305309126 Bipin Yadav GATE
Name of Student Competitive Exam Percentile Year
Lohit Nagpal CAT 96.39 2014-15
Lohit Nagpal MAT 99.89 2014-15
Lohit Nagpal GATE 63.27/115425 2014-15
Manish Pratap Singh GATE 16297/115425 2014-15
Ayush Pandey GATE 1873/115425 2014-15
Himani Srivastava GATE 8734/115425 2014-15
Apoorv singh sirohi GATE 9311/115425 2014-15
Vivek Maheshwari CAT 89.27 2014-15
Siddharth Jain XAT 73.90 2014-15
Sayyam Bhandari GATE 1732/115425 2014-15
Shashwat Mishra CAT 87.95 2014-15
Nishant Goyal CAT 78.07 2014-15
Pradyumna Panwar CAT 88.14 2014-15
  1. Harshit Gupta published e-book on “Rural Energy Scenario in India”. Publication Name: LAMBERT Academic Publishing.
  2. Utkarsh Wadhwa selected for the “International Antarctic Expedition 2016”, Single one from India to get selected for the same.

List of Publications

  1. Chitra Kapoor 2012, Implementation on Morphological Text Mining. International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer & Communication Engineering, Volume 1, Issue 8.

  2. Indu Maurya Determining the positioning algorithm for fingerprinting using Wlan”, International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT-2012), Bangalore on 19th May 2012.

  3. Pooja Yadav Load Balancing in Cloud Computing Through Node Sorting Algorithm. National Conference on Broad Band Communication & Technologies, MANIT Bhopal, Aug. 2013.

  4. Riidhei Malhotra Self adaptive gestures classifiers using fuzzy classifiers with entropy based rule pruning, Proceeding of the International Symposium on Intelligent Informatics (ISI’12) Springer 2012, Chennai, August 4-5, 2012.

  5. Amit Kumar A Study on Minimization of 2G/3G Handover Failure. International Journal of Advance Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering, Volume 2, Issue 4, April 2012.

  6. Jamal Bushra Implementation of Watermarking in Image Processing using Discrete Wavelet Transform, proceedings of International Conference on Recent Trends of Computer Technology in Academia, JRNRVU, Udaipur (India), April 21-23, 2012.

  7. Gaurav Anonymous Authenticity to work with Data over the Cloud. IJATES, Volume 03, Issue No.06, June 2015.

  8. Gaurav User Anonymity and Authenticity for Decentralized Access Control over Clouds: A Review. IJSTM, Volume 04, Issue No.06, June 2015.

  9. Md.Shahajad Feature extraction in medical images based on curvelet transforms. International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering.ISSN:2277-128X Volume-5, Issue-4 2015.
Name Semester Achievement Year of Achievement Photo
Ankur Jain 3rd Patent Filed:- Earphone With Movement, Position Detection of Speakers
And Speech Recognition Technique And Its Design
2014 Ankur Jain
Vivek Singh (fresh batch 2015) 8th   Indian Engineering Services ( Rank AIR- 54) 2015 Vivek Singh
Name of the Students Title of the Paper National / International Year
Mohit Chaudhary, Manish Kumar Ruhal, Jasleen Marwah Overview Of OFDM System: Concept And Applications National 2014
Anjali Gupta, Deepak Kumar, Dilshad Ali, Mohd.Sameer Ansari Automatic Bottle Filling Plant Using PLC & SCADA National 2014
Soumendra Bagh, Bhawani Singh Vishen, Gunjan Chaudhary, Hari Om Gupta Analysis of SVPWM Based Speed Control of Induction Motor Drive with using V/F Control Based 3 Level Inverter National 2014
Anuj Gupta, Kanika Agarwal, Manvendra Sharma Development of Embedded LINUX Operating System for Limited Resources Devices National 2014
Abhinav Verma, Anuj Garg, Bheeshma Chatrath, Abhay Singh Tomar Magnetic Levitation Train National 2014
Reena Sharma,Ankit Chaudhary, Anshuman Dubey, Avinash Kumar Performance improvement of wireless push system using a smart antenna National 2014
Omveer singh, Krishna mohan kumar, Kuldeep singh Power Grid Protection And Smart Distribution System National 2014
Mr.Amit Rai, Abhishek Pratap Singh, Abhishek Kundan, Neharika Sagar Transformer oil temperature monitoring with automatic circuit breaker operation using PLC & SCADA National 2014
Omveer singh,Ajeet singh,Madhav goel, Anand sharma Wind Belt-Reinventing Wind Power National 2014
Manish singh, ashwani kr. Chandra, mrityunjay, shubham bharti Realization Of Cascaded H-Bridge 5-Level Multilevel Inverter As Dynamic Voltage Restorer National 2014
Minakshi Singh,Shobha Kumari, Srishti Shrivastava, Radhika Mittal, Shiv Shanker Multilevel Inverter National 2014
Prabhakar Tiwari, Akansha Jetha, Diksha Sahu Power Grid Failure and its Protection National 2014
Amit Agrawal, Dhruv Gupta, Ajay Pandey, Ashutosh Rai Home automation based on energy saving concept and security triggering using PLC National 2014
Rahul Mishra, Ayush Sharma, Anand Ahirwar, Aneesh Batra Modeling and harmonic suppression on power distribution system National 2014
Mrinalinee, Chandni Rana, Ishtiaque Kazmi, Anuj Malik Role Of Facts Devices In Improving Power Quality In A Grid Connected Renewable Energy System National 2014
Somendra Bagh, Gunjan Chaudhary, Kartik Srivastava, Hariom Gupta Analysis of SVPWM Based Speed Control of Induction Motor Drive Using V/F National 2014
Abhishek Srivastava, Alok Singh, Ashwini Tripathi and Nitin Kr.Sisodia Single Phase to Three Phase Converter with Input Current Shaping for AC Motor Drives National 2014
Reena Sharma, , Arjit Agrawal, Gaurav Narayan Wireless RF Home Security System with Digital lock National 2014
Anjali Singh, Himanshu Rai, Dhermendra Rajput Speed control of stepper motor using GSM technology National 2014
Shubhi Tyagi, P. Kaushik, Sumit Tyagi, Vishal Dahiya 3 Degree Robotic Arm With Edge And Obstacle Detector National 2014
Srishti Khare, Utkarsh Mishra, Pranjal Pathak Fault Detection and Control in Power System Equipments using Atmega 16 National 2014
Manish Shrivastava, Vikas Singh, Prabhat Kumar Singh, Rohitash Kumar DC Motor Control Using Chopper National 2014
Saharsh Krishna, SiddharthTewari, SuyashChaturvedi, Varun Mishra Traffic Light Control System Using Fuzzy Logic National 2014
Prabhakar Tiwari, Pranay Gupta, Priyansha Bhatnagar, Purnita Singh, Ramesh Kr. Yadav Comparison of FACTS Devices for Power System Stability Enhancement National 2014
Akansha Shukla, Monica Khowal, Abhishek Anand A Revolutinizing Concept Flexibla Electronics National 2014

Batch 2010

Saumya Pathak secured First Rank among all branches in University merit list by securing 87.60% aggregate. 6 student of EIE are among the top 20 students of University merit list.

a) Ms. Saumya Pathak 1st Rank
b) Ms. Deepti Chaudhary 3rd Rank
c) Mr. Abhishek Chaudhary 5th Rank
d) Ms. Bhawna Chauhan 6th Rank
e) Mr. Abhishek Shukla 14th Rank
f) Mr. Siraj Alam 16th Rank

Batch 2009

  1. Raj Kishor Pal secured 2nd Rank in UPTU Merit List
  2. Ankit sharma secured 5th Rank in UPTU Merit List
  3. Roshan Kr Singh secured 15th Rank in UPTU Merit List

16 students of EIE 8th sem qualified Gate exam 2013 and following students got top 300 rank

  1. Sandeep Jaiswal----------------6th Rank
  2. Raj Kishor Pal-----------------60th Rank
  3. Rahul Kr Yadav------------------148 Rank
  4. Diksha Katiyar--------------------202 Rank
  5. Himanshu Pandey---------------212 Rank

Following students of ICE deptt qualified Gate exam 2015

  1. Himanshu Shukla---------------(Gate score-876) (All India Rank- 9th)
  2. Manish Sharma---------------- (Gate-Score 487)
  3. Rishikeya Mishra ----------------(GateScore-347)
  4. Piyush Kumar ----------------------(Gate Score-320)
  5. Shikhar Puri -----------------------(GateScore-310)
  6. Following students of ICE deptt qualified CAT exam 2015 with good percentile.
  7. Shivali Unishree---------------------(Percentile-94.2)
  8. Abhijeet Bhatnagar -----------------(Percentile-92.3)
  9. Himanshu Shukla secured 15th Rank in UPTU Merit List (2010-2014 Batch)

Other Achivments:

  1. Jay Pratap (student B.Tech-4th yr ICE) designed “Magnetic Engine (PARA)” which is approved by National Academy of Sciences India (NASI) Bangalore in Dec 2014 and filed patent in Royal society of sciences London.
  2. Jay Pratap (student B.Tech-4th yr ICE) designed a “User Friendly Harvesting System ( MONTA )” which is approved by “Ministry of Agriculture, U.P Govt” on Feb 2015.
  3. Jay Pratap (student B.Tech-4th yr ICE) designed “Walking Tractor Operator Workplace for comfortable and efficient tractor operation in small area or land” which is approved by CSIR in Jan 2015.
  4. Jay Pratap (student B.Tech-4th yr ICE) has been nominated by CSIR to present his Agro Machinery in “World Agriculture Machinery Exhibition 2015 - Agro Farm” to be held in Ghana on July 2015.  
  5. Rishikeya Mishra (student B.Tech-4th yr ICE) got selected among 40 students across the India for a week long course on “Control System Design” in “Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, ISRO.
  6. Rishikeya Mishra (student B.Tech-4th yr ICE) and his team (students of ME branch) secured 19th position globally in “NASA HUMAN EXPLORATION ROVER CHALLENGE-2014”.

The Detail of student selected in Indian Engineering Service is

  1. Name of student: Pratap
  2. Rank in IES: 20th
  3. Rank in GATE: 55
  4. Admission no.- 7101
  5. Admission year - 2010
  6. Pass out in year- 2014

List of Students Securing Below 10000 RANKS IN GATE 2015

Student Name Photo Roll Name Rank
Shashank Kumar 1109732095 36
Nikhil Gupta 1109740063 206
Bhupendra Kumar Tyagi 1109740044 529
Rohit Kumar 1109740088 695
Satyartha Singh    1109740093 928
Shubham Kant 1109740103 2480
Anurag Pathak 1109740030 2821
Ankit Sharma 1109740022 4304
Rishi Trivedi 1109740086 5613
Shivam Chaudhary 1109740098 5804 
Akash Verma 1109740016 5916
Prashant Kumar Bhati 1109740072 7000
Shweta Singh= 1109740104 7102
Ankit Ojha 1109740021 7179
Kamal Nigam 1109740053 7589
Smita Kumari 1109740108 8177
Akhilesh Kumar Verma 1209740801 8467
Syed Mohd Safdar 1109740117 9208
Akarsh Gupta 1109740013 9683
Girish Kumar Singh 1109732049 9720
Student's Name Firm / Activity / Acheivement Year Position
Shefali Srivastava UGC NET, Exam 2011-13 Cleared
Shivangi Yadav UGC NET, Exam, Assistant Prof.(Regular)-Rohelkhand University, Barreily 2011-13 Cleared
Rishabh Pandey Development Officer-LIC 2011-13 NA
Mohd. Nasir UGC NET Exam-Assistant Prof. AIET, Allahabad 2011-13
Ajit Singh UGC NET Exam 2010-12 Cleared
Saurabh Kumar Singh 2010-12
Pushpendra Yadav State Bank of India, PO 2010-12 Joined
Prakash Kumar 2010-12
Ashutosh Pandey SSC , CAG 2010-12 Cleared
Ashok Kumar Singh UGC NET, JRF Exam 2010-12 Cleared