Faculty Seminar

S No. Date of Presentation Name of Faculty Topic
1 25/08/2023 Dr. Rishav Garg Sustainable Construction Practices
2 01/09/2023 Dr. Parveen Berwal Sustainability of Alccofine in Rigid Pavement
3 08/09/2023 Dr. Mohammad Amir Khan River training work.
4 14/09/2023 Dr. Meenu Kalra Properties and Durability of Concrete made from Blended Concrete
5 27/09/2023 Mr. Faheemul Islam kirmani Soil Stabilization using GBFS
6 05/10/2023 Dr. Arun Kumar Atal Tunnel: highest highway single-tube tunnel above 10,000 feet in the world
7 13/10/2023 Mr. Yogendra Sharma Artificial Recharge of Groundwater
8 20/10/2023 Mr. Niranjan Sahoo Potential of Solar Industrial Process Heating for Cement Industry
9 27/10/2023 Dr. Akash Malik Retrofitting and Repairing with composite materials
10 03/11/2023 Mr. Raj Vikram Singh Meandering of rivers
11 9/11/2023 Mr. Anoop Kumar Identification of Groundwater Using RS & GIS
12 24/11/2023 Mr. Mohit Aggarwal Water Pollution due to Heavy Metals Pesticides, Oil & Detergents
13 01/12/2023 Mr. Sushant Kamal Effect of Skin Friction on Torque Resistance of a Model Pile
14 08/12/2023 Dr. Suprakash Biswas Outcome Based Education
15 14/12/2023 Mr. Inderjeet Singh Structural Health Monitoring
16 22/12/2023 Mr. Inderjeet Singh Structural Health Monitoring of Concrete Structures
17 28/12/2023 Dr. Parveen Berwal Intellectual Property
18 04/01/2024 Mr. Mohit Aggarwal Innovative Building Materials
19 12/01/2024 Mr. Sushant Kamal Methods of Borehole Stability
20 18/01/2024 Dr. Suprakash Biswas Application of Finite Difference Method In Structural Engineering
21 27/01/2024 Mr. Anoop Kumar Interaction between surface water and ground water