GCET Best Practices

Objective of Student council constitution: For the holistic development of the students, it is very important to provide them with the platform where they can showcase their talent and unleash their enormous potential. The formation of a student council in an institution is very important as it is a representative body of students which gives voice to the students. The council works as a link between students and the management and help the students to solve their problems, and to share their ideas.

The Context:

At Galgotias university, student council was first formed in 2012. Since then, it has been consistently working for the welfare and interest of its students. Galgotias university student council is a conglomerate of student’s clubs and societies at the university. The council is a part of the University administrative and academic structure unlike an independent Union. The council is devoted to the educational interests and welfare of its members while following strict guidelines established by the University.


Holistic development is what we aim for by providing representation, educational development and social and extracurricular opportunities.


At the heart of the student experience, we strive to have a positive impact on each and every one our members.


Trust: we put faith and trust in our students and their ability to manage student activities as well as inspiring trust in our students while being open and honest with them about their student council.

Integrity: We aim to create an inviting atmosphere for all of our students to become involved in the local and national student community and the residential community of the city they dwell in.

Environment: we look not only to campaign about issues surrounding our environment but provide an example for others to follow by reducing our carbon footprints and constantly improving our methods of recycling. We also believe in providing safe and friendly spaces for our students use.


We encourage a culture of friendship between all of our students regardless of sex age race religion disability sexual preferences and possible discriminatory factors.


The opinions fears, prospects and wishes of our students are at the heart of everything we do allow us to set targets that are realistic to their expectation.


Establishment and Name:

1.1 There shall be only one student council at the university.

1.2 The name of the student council shall be ‘Galgotias University council’.

Declaration: The student council does not act independently under any circumstances; any new agenda is presented to the university administration in form of the written report and is not acted upon unless approved. Other than their cardinal role the student executive officers that forms the core team that are responsible for all forms contacts between the student members and university administration (the Vice chancellor, pro-vice chancellor, The proctor, Dean Academics and respective school deans) and are required to inform the authorities before conducting any activities on the campus.

Membership: Any student who enrolls at Galgotias university is automatically registered as the general member of the student council upon registering upon one of our clubs become full time, giving them access to all of our services and to an organization which is able to represent them to the communality and the world beyond. They are also given the right and the power to shape the councils’ directions through member feedback and annual meeting. If for any reason a member does not wish to be a member of a council, they can opt out of the membership any time by emailing the council HR for the council core team. A student can still enjoy all of our facilities, but they cannot have a voice at membership meetings or other democratic activities.

Council core team: There shall be a representative body that runs the day to day activates of the clubs and the societies. This representative body that forms the core of the council stay in direct administrative contact with the university management for the introspection and successful executions for the students activates. Council core shall consist of appointed council executives. A council meeting can be called by any of the university administration, The executives, Two Third of council members. At least one working day should be given for all council meeting except I it is called by university administration. Motion or discussion must be submitted to general secretary two working days prior to the conduct of meeting. Quorum for the meeting shall be 60% of the registered students.

The Executive: The executive body shall be responsible for the initiation of policies, general meetings and any decision. The executive (core) shall consist of the following posts:

  1. General Secretary (chief administrative officer and principal spokesperson)
  2. Chief Secretary (Chief operation officers)
  3. Joint Secretary
  4. Vice Secretary
  5. Regent Secretary
  6. Deputy regent secretary (Head of Events)

Only final year students of their respective courses shall be appointed as core executives. No member of executive course may hold any other position in the council.

The Practice: Student Clubs/Societies

At the University, Students Council, encourage the students to become a member of different clubs and committees. With around 40 plus different clubs, University connects students to a platform where they can exchange knowledge, build awareness, and receive recognition. The clubs/committees, also provides students with an appropriate platform to showcase their talent. Through active participation in various activities, students develop leadership qualities, team spirit, time management, critical thinking and life skills as well. Galgotias University Student Council works to inculcate following traits among the students:

  • Encourage the students to take leadership roles and responsibilities by appointing them on various responsible posts in the student Council.
  • Provide them with the congenial environment where they can air their ideas.
  • Foster a sense of belongingness among the students by promoting and keeping the rules and regulations of the university. The students are encouraged to become a member of different clubs and committees. With over 40 different clubs, Galgotias University connects students to a platform where they can exchange knowledge, build awareness, and receive recognition.

GCET Best Practices