Workshop, Seminars and Conferences

Name of the Event Date Key Speakers Remarks
Seminar: "Tech Pe Charcha" 04/01/2024 Mr. Varun Kohli, CEO of CODING BLOCKS, Mr. Sumit Tyagi is a lead DATA SCIENTIST at PAYTM The event aimed to ignite the minds of college students with insightful discussions on the latest trends and opportunities in the tech landscape. Gracing the stage were two esteemed speakers: Varun Kohli, the CEO of Coding Blocks, and Sumit Tyagi, a data analyst at Paytm. Each speaker, armed with their uniqueness.
Workshop on Roadmaps to Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA) using Java 08/12/2023 Mr. Monu Kumar, Senior Instructor & Product Engineer, Coding Blocks The primary objective of the workshop was to transcend the surface-level understanding of Java syntax and immerse participants in the dynamic landscape of DSA. The carefully crafted agenda covered the latest problem-solving techniques, algorithmic paradigms, and the myriad opportunities within the realm of DSA.
Technical Workshop on Web Development and Data Science 15/09/2023 Aarushi Khatri, Priyank Kumar Mishra, Sahil Bhatia Secretaries (Technical Team) Fusion Society, IT Dept The workshop revolved around the fascinating worlds of web development and data science, providing students with a valuable introduction to these fields. Explained the importance of clean and responsive design, highlighting the need for a user-friendly interface in modern web development.
Creative workshop on Resume Building 14/09/2023 Harsh Gupta, Harsh Kumar Nigam, Divyansh Pandey, Secretaries (Creative Team) Fusion Society, IT Dept The event aimed to provide valuable insights into the art of resume creation, enabling the participants to enhance their job-seeking prospects and make an impression on potential employers.