Faculty Seminar

Department of Management Studies Faculty Research Seminar Session:2023-24(Odd Semester)

S.No. Faculty Name Date Topic of the Seminar
1 Ms. Priyanka Chauhan 29.02.2024 Human Values
2 Mr. Avinash Chopra 29.02.2024 Strategic insights: Leveraging Business analytics for informed decision making
3 Mr. Jagbir Singh 29.02.2024 Communication
4 Dr. L Dhamodaran 29.02.2024 Industry 5.0
5 Dr. Tanya Chouhan 27.01.2024 contemporary development in management education pedagogy
6 Mr. Jagbir Singh 19.01.2024 Financial Accounting
7 Ms. Pooja Kaushik 12.01.2024 Non Parametric test Chi Square
8 Dr. Tanya Chouhan 10.01.2024 Application emotional and social Intelligence from Ramcharit manas
9 Mr. Avinash Chopra 29.12.2023 Employer Branding: A Mechanism for Talent Acquisition and Retention
10 Dr. Priyanka Tanwar 29.12.2023 Behavioural Finance -Understanding the Investor Behaviour
11 Dr. L Dhamodaran 18.12.2023 Six Sigma
12 Ms. Priyanka Chauhan 11.12.2023 Humanism "A definite conduct"
13 Dr. L Dhamodaran 20.11.2023 Lean Management
14 Dr. Tanya Chouhan 10.11.2023 Application emotional and social Intelligence in people management
15 Dr. Priyanka Tanwar 08.11.2023 Introduction to Corporate Finance
16 Ms. Pooja Kaushik 03.11.2023 Business Plan
17 Dr. Swati Singh 06.10.2023 Bibliometric Analysis
18 Dr. Muskan Khan 25.09.2023 Introduction to PLS SEM
19 Dr Akhil Agnihotri 15.09.2023 Block chain Technology- The future in Indian Banking Industry
20 Dr. Brijesh Kumar Singh 11.9.2023 Basics of Initiating A Statistical Enquiry
21 Mr. Shamaile Nabi 01.09.2023 Business for Greens