Workshop, Seminars and Conferences

Name of the Event Date Key Speakers Remarks
International Conference on Sustainable Business Practice(SBP-2023) April 27-28, 2023 Dr Subrat Kumar Mishra, Dr. Sasikanta Tripathy, Dr Soumendra Kumar Patra, Prof. Sanjeeb Kumar Jena, Dr Sambit Tripathi
One Day Workshop on SPSS 27.0 Nov.06 2020 Mr. Dinesh Popat Pawar Statician in SPSS south Asia PVT. Ltd.Banglore Topics covered:-
Introduction to Data Analysis: Understanding the objective
  • Data view and variable view
  • Examples using SPSS on different data preparation steps such as creating new variable, binning etc.
  • Working with sample datasets to explore information
  • Summary Statistics, Frequency etc.
  • Use of Charts in analysis: Graphs & Chart
  • T-Test
  • Chi-Squared Test
  • Correlation
  • Linear Regression