Adequate & well equipped laboratories of CE Department

  • The department maintains a sufficient number of laboratories in accordance with the student's strength and the number of practical courses outlined in the university syllabus scheme (AKTU, Lucknow).
  • These laboratories are equipped comprehensively with hardware kits, software tools and necessary consumables.
  • The facilities in these labs cater to both fundamental and advanced level requirements of the courses.
  • The laboratories serve as spaces for students and faculty members of the Civil department to conduct practical experiments and engage in Research and Development (R&D) activities.
  • Each lab is staffed with a dedicated member responsible for its maintenance and supervision.
  • Adequate budget planning ensures that funds are allocated and spent appropriately for the repair of faulty equipment, procurement of consumables and acquisition of lab equipment, hardware kits and software tools.

Lab Staff

S.No. Name Designation Qualification Experience of Years
1 Mr. Narendra Giri Lab Technician Diploma 15
2 Mr. Pavan Tevatia Lab Technician Diploma 12
3 Mr. Ashish Kumar Lab Technician Diploma 4
4 Mr. Ravi Dubey Lab Technician Diploma 6
5 Mr. Sanjeev Thakur Lab Technician Diploma 5