Faculty seminar

S No. Date of Presentation Name of Faculty Topic
1 30/01/24 Prof.(Dr.)Kiran Srivastava Energy management in Industry
2 24/01/24 Vinod Kumar Recent trends and advances in power quality
3 09/01/24 Dr. Pawan kushwaha Source Side Energy Management Strategy to Improve the Perforfmance of Autonomous Hybrid Microgrid
4 05/01/24 Dr. Bidyut Mahato Power Conversion : Efficient Multilevel Inverter
5 29/12/23 Ms. Shobana Modelling and control of nonlinear systems
6 28/12/23 Prof. (Dr.) Reena Sharma Emerging trends in optical communication
7 22/12/23 Prof.(Dr.)Kiran Srivastava Torque Ripple minimisation in SRM by moderating rotor and stator pole arc
8 19/12/23 Dr. Pawan kushwaha Energy management strategy for autonomous hybrid microgrid
9 09/12/23 Mr. Manish Srivastava DC Machines
10 07/11/23 Mr. Sandeep Tripathi Renewable Energy
11 03/11/23 Mr. Vinod Kumar Power Quality Aspects of Smart Grid
12 31/10/23 Ms.Kalpana Hazarika Significance of Reliability Analysis
13 27/10/23 Prof. (Dr.) Gauri Katiyar Pattern recognition using soft computing techniques
14 17/10/23 Mr. Lochan Varshney SRAM Design and Analysis
15 13/10/23 Mr. Ravindra Kumar Yadav Demand Side Management for Electric Utilities in Indian context
16 06/10/23 Prof. (Dr.) A. Ambikapathy Big Data In different applications in day today activity
17 05/10/23 Dr. Neha Jain Design and characterization of OLEDs
18 29/09/23 Dr.Kanhaiya Kumar Temperature Measurement
19 26/09/23 Dr. Ravendra Singh Active filter designing
20 08/09/23 Mr. Chandan kumar Space vector modulation techniques
21 01/09/23 Dr.Kapil Deo Bodha Automatic Voltage Regulator using ANN
22 29/08/23 Dr. Amit Rai Basics of Machine Learning
23 25/08/23 Ms. Diptimayee Dash 1D photonic crystal-based Biosensors
24 24/08/23 Dr. Bidyut Mahato Power Converters