IQAC Audit Process

Quality Assurance Verification Ensures departments have robust strategies and procedures for quality assurance in educational inputs and outputs.

Bi-Semester Audits Mandates that IQAC conducts comprehensive audits of departmental activities twice per academic semester.

Advance Scheduling Communicates the audit schedule in advance to Heads of Departments (HoDs) and coordinators, ensuring preparedness.

Faculty Engagement Requires HoDs and coordinators to inform faculty members of the upcoming IQAC audits to foster a culture of continuous quality engagement.

In-depth Evaluation Employs a verification team to audit every document thoroughly, avoiding sample-based checks, for meticulous quality assessment.

Self-Assessment and Improvement Allows departments to self-assess and enact continuous improvements based on a comprehensive IQAC checklist.

Record and Address Noncompliance Documents any noncompliance, suggestions, or updates, and communicates them to the relevant department heads for action.

Follow-up Verification Reassesses to ensure that all recommended changes are implemented, maintaining a cycle of continuous quality improvement.