IQAC Best Practices

Teaching-Learning Processes:

  • Faculty Development Programs: Annual workshops, seminars, and conferences aimed at holistic faculty development.
  • Implementation of Innovative Pedagogical Methods: Utilization of various teaching tools, real-life projects, and collaborative learning approaches.
  • Mentorship Programme: Peer support systems to assist academically weak students and mentorship programs for knowledge sharing.
  • Expert and Alumni Talks: Monthly presentations by industry professionals and distinguished alumni to provide practical insights.
  • Monitoring & Standardization: Monitoring of teaching quality and strict guidelines for attendance recording.
  • Personality Development Program: Training sessions to enhance students' employability skills.
  • Roster Watch: Continuous monitoring of class conduct for an optimal learning environment.
  • Rigorous student feedback and faculty evaluations to enhance teaching methodologies.

Assessment and Evaluation:

  • Transparent assessment practices with moderation committees to ensure fairness.
  • Continuous assessment and feedback mechanisms for accuracy and consistency.
  • Implementation of examination reforms and moderation for academic integrity.

Research and Innovation:

  • Cultivation of a vibrant research culture and environment encouraging meaningful research activities.
  • Provision of research grants, support, and awards to faculty and students to facilitate innovative projects.
  • Promotion of interdisciplinary research and support for entrepreneurship and real-world impact.
  • Establishment of an Innovation Cell to foster innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives.
  • Collaboration with industries for hands-on learning experiences and exposure to real-world scenarios.
  • Maintenance of high research ethics standards and pursuit of external funding opportunities.
  • Dissemination of research findings through conferences, seminars, and publications.
  • Provision of research mentorship for students to develop essential research skills.

Continuous Improvement

  • Regular feedback collection
  • Action plans and goal setting

Accreditations and Ranking

IQAC plays a critical role in ensuring that GEI meets accreditation standards, enhances its quality, and improves its ranking through continuous improvement efforts.