SAY NO TO RAGGING: Ragging is any disorderly conducct whether by words spoken or written or by an act which has the effect of teasing, treating or handling with rudenss to any student, indulging in rowady or undisciplined activities which cause or likely to cause annoyance, hardship or psychological harm or to raise fear or apprehension thereof in a fresher or a junior student and which has the effect of causing or generating a sense of shame or embarrassment so as to adversely affect psyche of a fresher or a junior student.

PUNISHMENT FOR RAGGING: 1. Immediate FIR and Police Action 2. Imprisonment upto Two Years 3. Fine upto Rs.2.5 Lakhs 4. Ternination from College

Hence, Students are advised to refrain themselves from any such Criminal Act

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Admissions (2023-24) are now open. Please visit only the campus (D-block, Auditorium) at Galgotias College of Engg & Technology, Plot # 1, Knowledge Park – II, Greater Noida. There is NO other branch / office of this college in any other location.


For Admission related queries, do contact at : - +91-7303382061 / +91-7303382063 / 0120-4513800


Accreditations of B Tech - Mechanical Engineering and B Tech - Electronics and Communication Engineering are further extended by NBA till 30.06. 2024 (Academic Session : 2023-24)


Apply For B Tech, MBA, MCA, B. Pharm and D. Pharm for 2022-23 : Registration for Admission is Open

List of Patents Filed / Published

List of Patents Filed / Published

S.No Title Name of the Inventor/Inventors Department Application No. with Date Status (Filed/Published) Year of Patent Application Filed
1 Blackboard Duster with rotatable cotton plate and internal cleaning system Mr. Pawan Kumar Nagvanshi Electronics and Communication Engineering 201811030242 & 11/08/2018 Published 2018
2 Hybrid Quantum Asynchronous Processor (HQAP) With QCEP Dr. S. Pratap Singh
Dr. Lakshmanan. M
Electronics and Communication Engineering 201911031043 & 01/08/2019 Published 2019
3 Compact Planar Superwideband Equal Power Divider / Combiner for RF & Microwave Applications Mr. Gaurav Saxena
Dr. Y. K. Awasthi
Electronics and Communication Engineering 201911031519 & 05/08/2019 Filed 2019
4 AI Based Drone Mr. Shivang Kumar Agrahari Electronics and Communication Engineering 201911035494 & 04/09/2019 Filed 2019
5 Real time assistance for medical patient's and old age people Mr. Pawan Kumar Nagvanshi
Mr. Kapil Paliwal
Electronics and Communication Engineering 201911044029 & 31/10/2019 Filed 2019
6 Artificial Intellegence Based Detection of Violence Through Serveillance Camera Dr. Sandeep Saxena
Dr. S.Balamurugan
Dr. Sandeep Singh Sengar
Dr. Shashank Srivastava
Information Technology 201911033264 & 18/08/2019 Published 2019
7 Multirate Turbo Code Based Image Transmission Dr. Deepak Gambhir Information Technology 491/DEL/2013A (Published) Published 2013
8 Method for Face Tecognition on the Basis of Sketch Using Deep Convolution Neural Network 1 . Dr. Debabrata Samanta
2 . Dr. Sandeep Saxena
3 . Mr. Yoddha Beer Singh
4 . Mr. Pankaj Kumar Keserwani
5 . Dr. Manoj Kumar
6 . Dr. B. Santhosh Kumar
7 . Dr. Nismon Rio R
8 . Dr. Ramkumar K
9 . Dr. Mohammad Israr
Information Technology &
Computer Science Engineering
201941045946/12.11.19 Published 2019
9 A Novel Secure Architecture Model for Smart and User Friendly Banking System 1 . Dr. Ashok Kumar Pradhan
2 . Mr. Bhaskara Santosh
3 . Dr. Sandeep Saxena
4 . Dr. S.Balamurugan
5 . Dr. Rajiv Kumar
6 . Mr. Gaurav Kumar Rajput
7 . Dr. Vimal Kumar
Information Technology 201941049454/02.12.19 Published 2019
10 Road Transport for Daily Essential Services (RODES) 1 . Dr. Sandeep Saxena
2 . Mr. Raghav Garg
(2nd Yr_IT-B)
3 . Mr. Pundreek Saurabh Srivastava
(2nd Yr_IT-B)
4 . Mr. Rahul Dwivedi
(2nd Yr_IT-B)
5 . Dr. Subhash Kumar Verma
6 . Dr. Sunil Kumar Bharti
Information Technology & MBA 201911050534/06.12.19 Published 2019
11 Smart Military Equipment Logistic System Using Blockchain Technology 1 . Dr. Sandeep Saxena
2 . Dr. Ashok Kumar Pradhan
3 . Mr. Gaurav Kumar Rajput
4 . Ms. Renu Mishra
5 . Mr. Tushar Mehrotra
6 . Mr. Rishabh
7 . Dr. Vimal Kumar
Information Technology &
Computer Science Engineering
202011002478/20.01.20 Published 2020
12 Cybernetic Plant  1 . Dr. Umakanta Nanda
2 . Mr. Arghya Biswas
3 . Mr. Subhodeep Chatterjee
4 . Dr. Ashok Kumar Pradhan
5 . Dr. Sandeep Saxena
6 . Dr. Dileep Kumar Yadav
7 . Mr. Aatif Jamshed
8 . Mr. Gaurav Kumar Rajput
Information Technology 202041009615/05.03.20 Published 2020
13 Computer Implemented Method for Urban Traffic Management Using Machine Learning Mr. Gopi A
Dr. D. Rajesh Kumar
Dr. A. Suresh Kumar
Dr. Raju Shanmugham
Mr. Samson Ebenezar
Mr. Soumya Ranjan Jena
Mr. Saurabh Sharma
Information Technology 201911046972/18.11.2019 Published 2019
14 Machine Learning Based System for Prediction of Setup Security-failure of Artificial Lift  Mr. K Rajkumar
Dr. D. Rajesh Kumar
Dr. A. Suresh Kumar
Dr. K. Lalitha
Dr. C. Poongodi
Mr. A. Jeevananthan
Mr. H. Muthukrishnan
Information Technology 202011004965/05.02.2020 Published 2020
15 Deep Convolutional Neural Network-based Computer Implemented Method of Walking Assistance for Visually Impaired Person Mr. K Rajkumar
Dr. D. Rajesh Kumar
Dr. Prashant Johri
Mr. U. Samson Ebenezar
Mr. D. Vijay Anand
Mr. U. Hariharan
Information Technology 202011009400/05.03.2020 Filed 2020
17 Automatic Floor Mr. B Ravi Subramaniyam
Ms. A. Ambikapathy
Electrical and Electronics Engineering  201811010042/ 19.03.2018 Published  2018
18 Portable washing machine Mr. Avanish Gautam Singh Electrical and Electronics Engineering 201811012809/ 04.04.2018 Published  2018
19 Human Battled Robot Mr. Anurag
Ms. A. Ambikapathy
Mr. Anubhav
Dr. V K Dwivedi 
Electrical and Electronics Engineering /
Mechanical Engineering
201811016109/28.04.2018 Published  2018
20 High voltage Shield for Human Mr. Anubhav Kumar Singh
Ms. A. Ambikapathy
Dr. V K Dwivedi
Electrical and Electronics Engineering /
Mechanical Engineering
201811018810/18.05.2018 Published  2018
21 Air Purification Mr. Avanish Gautam Singh Electrical and Electronics Engineering  201811021516/18.05.2018 Published  2018
22 Electric Shield for car Mr. Anubhav Kumar Singh
Ms. A. Ambikapathy
Electrical and Electronics Engineering  20181029398/04.06.2018 Published  2018
23 Smart locks Mr. Anant Vikram singh Electrical and Electronics Engineering  201811030241/11.08.2018 Published  2018
24 Brain wave controlled electric skate board Mr. Anubhav Kumar Singh
Dr. A.Ambikapathy
Dr. Praveen Kumar Maduri
Dr. V K. Dwivedi
Mr. Dharamsha 
Electrical and Electronics Engineering /
Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering/
Mechanical Engineering 
201911035498/04.09.2019 Filled 2019
25 Dynamic demand based lightning Mr. Naveen Kumar Dubey
Dr. A. Ambikapathy
Dr. Praveen Kumar Maduri
Dr. V K Dwivedi
Electrical and Electronics Engineering /
Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering/
Mechanical Engineering 
201911037112/16.09.2019 Filled 2019
26 A Method for Adjustable Vehicle Dimension Mr. Raghav Dwivedi
Dr. A. Ambikapathy
Dr. Praveen Kumar Maduri
Dr. V K Dwivedi
Electrical and Electronics Engineering /
Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering/
Mechanical Engineering 
201911037113/19.09.2019 Filled 2019
27 Energy Management system for photovoltaic battery based DC micro grid in buildings Dr. Kalpana Chauhan
Dr. Rajeev Kumar Chauhan
Electrical and Electronics Engineering/
Electrical Engineering
201811026751/17.07.2018 Published  2018
28 System forechocardiography machines to find out the JET area automatically for the MITRALgurgitation severity evaluation Dr. Kalpana Chauhan
Dr. Rajeev Kumar Chauhan
Electrical and Electronics Engineering/
Electrical Engineering
201811043976/22.11.2018 Published  2018
29 Method and system for rechargeable battery monitoring in photovoltaic battery based micro grid system Dr. Kalpana Chauhan
Dr. Rajeev Kumar Chauhan
Electrical and Electronics Engineering/
Electrical Engineering
201911006250/18.02.2019 Published  2019
30 System design for echocardiography machines to find out the vena contracta width automatically for the mitral regulation assessment Dr. Kalpana Chauhan
Dr. Rajeev Kumar Chauhan
Electrical and Electronics Engineering/
Electrical Engineering
201911011079/22.03.2019 Published  2019
31 System and method for material segregation using Dr. A. Ambikapathy Electrical and Electronics Engineering  201911036470/10.09.2019 Filed 2019
32 Mobile switch control through Iot Dr. A. Ambikapathy,
Mr. Shreyansh Jain
Mr. Talat
Electrical and Electronics Engineering  201911051647/12.12.2019 Published  2019
33 Internet of Things and Online Machine Learning Based System for Precision Agriculture Dr. Ritesh Srivastava
Dr Veena Mittal
Computer Science Engineering 201911045999/12.11.2019 Filed  2019
34 System And Method For Cryptography Using Chaotic Tent Map And Improved Salp 1 . Supriya Khaitan
2 . Dr. Rashi Agarwal
3 . Prakash Chandra
4 . Dr. Raju Shanmugam
Master Of Computer Applications 202011004322/14.02.2020 Published 2020
35 System And Method For Smart/Intelligent Iot Based Irrigation Management 1 . Dr. P. Suresh
2 . R.Indrakumari
3 . Dr. T. Poongodi
4 . Supriya Khaitan
5 . Dr. Rashi Agarwal
6 . Prakash Chandra
Master Of Computer Applications 202011004491/14.02.2020 Published 2020
36 System And Method For High Efficiency Coding For Surveillance Videos Based On Selective Based Fast Intra Coding 1 . Anamika Mitra
2 . Supriya Khaitan
3 . Dr. Raju Shanmugam
4 . Dr. Rashi Agarwal
5 . Dr. Mandeep Kaur
6 . Dr. P.Suresh
7 . Dr. T.Poongodi
8 . R.Indrakumari
9 . Prakash Chandra
Master Of Computer Applications 202011004730/14.02.2020 Published 2020
37 System and Method for Medication Management 1 . Dr Shrddha Sagar
2 . Dr Avadhesh Kumar
3 . Dr Kuldeep Singh Kaswan
4 . Dr. Naresh Kumar
5 . Supriya Khaitan
6 . Dr. Rashi Agarwal 
Master Of Computer Applications 202011007592/06.03.2020 Published 2020
38 RFID Controlled Solar First-Aid Vending Machine Dr. Praveen Kumar Maduri
Kushagra Singh
Shailaja Singh
Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering 202011006606/04.06.2020 Filed  2020
39 Hybrid Induction Gas Smart Stove  Dr. Praveen Kumar Maduri
Kushagra Singh
Apurva Soni
Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering 202011006607/04.06.2020 Filed  2020
40 Water Harvesting and Multiple energy Harvesting System Dr. Praveen Kumar Maduri
Kushagra Singh
Rishabh Maurya
Mohd Owaish Sabir
Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering 202011006608/04.06.2020 Filed  2020
41 CVR-Intelligent Device:Intelligent device to count the number of vehicle running on road  1. A. Ilavendhan
2 . M Chandra Prabha
3 . Dr. R. Saminathan
4 . Dr. K.m Baalamurugan
5 . Vijay Ramalingam
6 . Dinesh Babu M
Computer Science & Engineering  202011017902/28.04.2020 Filed  2020
42 IPC – Face Mask: Intelligent Face Mask (RGB- Non-Woven Fabric, Melt-blown Fabric) to Protect from COVID-19 1 . Dr.  R. Viswanathan
2 . Dr. M. Sasi Bhushan
3 . Dr. A. Cecil Donald
4 . Dr. K.m Baalamurugan
5 . Vijay Ramalingam
6 . Dinesh Babu M
Computer Science & Engineering  202011018432/11.05.2020 Filed  2020
43 Autonomous Vehicle Parking System 1 . K. M Baalamurugan
2 . Saurabh Suman
3 . R. Vijay
4 . M. Dinesh Babu
Computer Science & Engineering  202041022848 /01.06.2020 Filed  2020
44 A System and method of Planting and Breeding based on Internet of Things with loud service and service flow method in Agriculture 1.Dr. Amol Purohit
2. Dr. Rajeev Shrivastava
3. Dr. Prateek Mishra
4. Ms. Mallika Jain
5. Mrs. Ankita Nigam
6. Dr. S. Sankara Gomathi
7. Sudheer TM
8. S. Vani
9. Dr. V. Rathinam
10. Dr. K. Vidyavathi
11. Saravanan T
12. Mr. N. Premkumar
13. Mr. C. Radhakrishnan
14. Dr M Naresh Kumar
15. Dr. Sugumaran
16. Mohammad Javeed
17. Dr. J. Vijipriya
18. Dr. M.sivakumar
19. Dr. G. Sridhar
20. Dr. M. Senthil Kumar
Computer Science & Engineering  201911045633/09.11.2019 Published 2019
45 Smart Personal Digital Assistant: Systems and Methods for Providing Reminders Conveniently Dr. Vinit Kumar Computer Science & Engineering  202011023195/03.06.2020 Filed 2020
46 Smart Photo-hydroponics Greenhouse Incubator Dr. Praveen Kumar Maduri
Kushagra Singh
Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering 202011023382/03.06.2020 Filed 2020
47 Breathe Box Compact Ventilator 1. Prof Ramesh Chandra Panda
2. Dr S Ramachandran
3. Dr. Astha Sharma
4. Garima Bhatt
5. Dr. Shantanu Saha
6. Neeraj Chandnani
7. Dr. Sunil Kumar Chaudhary
8. Dr. Surendra Kumar Yadav
9. Dr Aruna Kumari Nakkella
10. Vinjamuri Snch Dattu
11. Abhishek Singh
12. Bheema raju Sarni
13. Monalisa Das
14. Dr P Karthigeyan
Electrical Engineering 330134-001/17.06.2020 Filed 2020
48 An IOT Based Intelligent Food Storage System                                   
Dr. Sandeep Saxena                        
Dr. Asis Kumar Tripathy                 
Dr. Umakanta Nanda                             
Mr. Tushar Mehrotra                               
Dr. Alekha Kumar Mishra                     
Dr. Ashok Kumar Pradhan                   
Dr. Shubham Gupta                               
Dr. Jayendra Kumar
 Information Technology 202041018273/29.04.2020 Published 2020
49 Methods of Mitigation and Intelligent Post Audit Damages of Forest Fire 1 . K. M Baalamurugan
2 . Himanshu Upadhyay
3 . A. Daniel
4 . R. Vijay
5 . M. Dinesh Babu
Computer Science and Engineering 202041028042/01.07.2020 Published 2020
50 A Novel Technique for Allocation of Resource and Management of IOT Gateway for Wireless System 1. Mr. K. Vengatesan
2. Mr. G. Madhukar Rao
3. Dr. S. Nikkath Bushra
4. Mr. M. Chithambarathanu
5. Mr. T. Akilan
6. Dr.  N. Janaki Manohar
Computer Science and Engineering 202021024412/17.07.2020 Published 2020
51 Assistive and Adaptive Methods of a Dynamic Surveillance System Dr. Vinit Kumar
Dr. Umang
Computer Science and Engineering 202011026626/23.06.2020 Filed 2020


  • Department of Applied Science is organizing an International Conference on Innovation and Application in Science & Technology (ICIAST-2021) during December 21-23, 2021. Conference Website:
  • B.Tech. Program of "Mechanical Engineering" and "Electronics & Communication Engineering" is further accredited by NBA till 2023-2024 session (30-06-2024).


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