Faculty Seminar

S. No Name Date Seminar Topic
1. Mr. Ravikant 28.12.2023 Constitution of India: Basic Features
2. Dr. Yogesh Shrivastava 21.12.2023 Use of Endnote for citing articles and creating bibliography
3. Dr.Pramod Bhatia 14.12.2023 CFD and its applications.
4. Dr. Jeetendra Kumar Yadav 06.12.2023 Solar Water Heater using thermo siphon Evacuated Tube Solar Collector
5. Dr. Sanjay Kumar 30.11.2023 Analysis of critical success factors of WCM
6. Mr.Md. Ozair Arshad 23.11.2023 Green buildings and their Certification
7. Dr. Brijesh Verma 09.11.2023 Performance Characteristics of Variable Compression Ratio Diesel Engine using Dual Biodiesel Blends of Non-Edible Oil as a Fuel
8. Mr. Raj Kumar 03.11.2023 Performance analysis of Natural draft cooling tower
9. Mr. Najeeb Ullah Khan 27.10.2023 Latest developments in the field of Microchannel Heat Sinks
10. Mr. Nausad Khan 20.10.2023 Designing an Efficient FSP Tool for Fabrication of High-Performance Surface Composites
11. Mr. Dalvir Singh 13.10.2023 Reducing the Heat Affected Zone during Laser Beam Drilling of Hybrid Composite
12. Mrs. Rashmi Maheshwari 06.10.2023 structural health monitoring
13. Mr. Nagesh Kumar Srivastava 29.09.2023 Agrovoltaic perspective in India
14. Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh 22.09.2023 Future of solar desalination technology
15. Dr. Manoj Kumar Lohumi 15.09.2023 Isomorphism identification of kinematic chains
16. Dr. Manohar Singh 08.09.2023 Parametric optimization of 3D printer for enhanced Mechanical Properties.
17. Dr. Pawan Kumar Arora 01.09.2023 Recent Advancement in Additive Manufacturing: Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing (ADAM) process
18. Dr. Sudhanshu Sharma 24.08.2023 Recent trends in Refrigerants used in Vapour Compression Refrigeration Systems