Mentorship Programs

To create a mutually beneficial relationship that fosters learning, growth and collaboration, a mentorship program is being introduced. This program will be in execution for 2nd and 3rd year students to enhance their knowledge in the core subjects. Under this program students from the senior batch will mentor the junior classes for the selected topics of core engineering subjects under the supervision of a faculty. Students from 2nd and 3rd year can clear their doubts and concepts during this mentorship class.

For the successful conduct of mentorship program, HoDs are required to identify two to three core technical subjects per semester from 2nd and 3rd year for which additional guidance is required. A proper selection of mentor students from respective senior batch must be done by HoD based on technical knowledge in the respective subject. Fixed slot must be allotted in the time-table for mentorship classes. Preferably there should be three classes/week/subject on alternate days. HoDs are also required to identify academically weak and bright students who should be mandatorily asked to attend these mentorship classes. Proper attendance record must be maintained. Other students can also register to attend this program. Once registered then student can not withdraw and have to maintain attendance in the class.

The student mentor will be awarded a certificate and remuneration of Rs.200/- per class for conducting these classes. On completion of the course, the faculty coordinator is required to get the feedback forms filled by the students who have undergone the program. A copy of the feedback form is attached. A summary of classes held under this program has to be submitted to the undersigned at the end of semester.