R & D Policy

Galgotias Educational Institutions (GEI) aims to enhance academic and research excellence, foster innovation and elevate NIRF ranking. This policy introduces incentives to drive faculty towards impactful research and educational contributions. Ambitious targets for publications, patents and research proposals will cultivate a culture of innovation, benefiting faculty and students.



Category 1: Journal Publications (SCIE/SSCI/AHCI):

(a) Q1 Journal: ₹20,000

(b) Q2 Journal: ₹18,000

(c) Q3 Journal: ₹16,000

(d) Q4 Journal: ₹14,000

(e) Open Access Journal: ₹12,000

Category 2: Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI)/ Scopus Index Journals:

(a) Non-Open Access Journal: ₹10,000

(b) Open Access Journal: ₹8,000

Category 3: Scopus-Indexed/ WoS Conferences and Book Chapters:

(a) Conference Paper: ₹5,000 or Registration fee, whichever is lower.

(b) Book Chapters: ₹4,000


(a) For completing sponsored research grants above ₹5,00,000: ₹25,000

(b) For completing sponsored research grants above ₹10,00,000: An additional ₹15,000


-Incentive for granted patent in which GEI is the sole applicant: ₹10, 000


In addition to the previously mentioned incentives, GEI will recognize the top 5% of research-oriented faculty members on Teacher’s Day with an incentive of ₹10,000 and a certificate. Theseawards will be determined using parameters aligned with the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) and percentile calculations. Projects and consultancy work worth a minimum of 5 lakhs will be considered in the computation.Every year by 15th August, all Directors/HoDs must prepare and submit a list of faculty members who have published at least one paper in the Science Citation Index (SCI) during the previous session. It is essential that these faculty members hold GEI affiliation, and their marks from the previous session should be included in the list, duly verified. This award distribution will commence on 5th September 2024, then subsequently on every year on Teacher’s day as per the following parameters:

(a)Combined metric for paper publication (Max marks 30)

0.6 No. of Publications in category 1+0.3 No. of Publications in category 2+0.1 No. of Papers in Scopus index conferences/ book chapters

(b)Combined metric for citations (Max marks 30)

Total number of citations per paper in Google Scholar

(c) Combined metric for patent (Max marks 15)

0.4 No of patents granted+0.4 No. of patents licensed+0.2 No. of patents published

(d)Percentage of collaborative publications, patents (Max Marks 10)

Fraction of papers with the outside world+Fraction of patent with the outside world

(e) Footprint of projects and professional practice (Max Marks 15)

Average Value of funded Project in Lakhs+Average value of Consultancy in Lakhs


(a) TARGET FOR 2023-2024

  2022-23 2021-22 2020-21 2023-24 (Target)
Papers in SCI 85 58 54 125
Papers in Scopus/ESCI Journals 48 36 39 75
Papers in Scopus/ WoS index Conferences/ Chapters 114 141 141 225
Patent Published 44 45 48 100
Patent Granted 6 18 17 40
Funded Project allotted 4 0 2 30 funded projects to be applied.


  Minimum Requirements Interaction with the outside world Sharing of Incentive
Professor & Associate Professor One paper in Category 1/Category 2

(a) A maximum of two authors with GEI affiliation may be included in a paper to encourage research with the outside world.

(b) Papers with more than two GEI-affiliated authors are ineligible for the incentive, but all authors can include them in their appraisal reports to meet minimum publication requirements.

(a)The first author is entitled to 60% of the specified amount, while authors from the second position onwards will share equally in 40% of the total amount, provided there are a maximum of two authors from GEI with the same affiliation.

(b) Incentives for each author will be rounded up to the nearest hundred.

(c) Only the first author is eligible to claim the registration and incentive amount for conference and book chapters associated with papers. Students should not be listed as co-authors for such claims.

Assistant Professors One paper in Category 1/Category 2/Category 3
  Minimum Requirements Registration Fee Sharing of Incentive

Associate Professor/ Assistant Professor

1 Granted/

2 Published

(a) All expenses paid to the patent office will be reimbursed if the applicant is affiliated with GEI. Multiple applicants from GEI affiliations are allowed, and there can be no applicants from outside affiliations to claim the registration fee.

(b) Patents without any GEI-affiliated applicants will be counted toward fulfilling the minimum requirements, but the registration fee will not be reimbursed in such cases.

(a) If the patent is commercialized, the funds will be divided in a 70:30 ratio, with 70% being equally distributed among all the inventors and 30% shared with GEI when GEI is the sole applicant.

(b) The incentive for granted patents will be equally shared among all faculty members affiliated with GEI, provided that GEI is the applicant.


A minimum of 20% of research proposals, based on the strength of faculty members who have earned their Ph.D., must be submitted to various funding agencies. However, in the case of ASH (specifically), the minimum requirement will be 10%. The incentive for successful proposals will be evenly distributed among the Principal Investigator (PI) and Co-PI(s) affiliated with GEI.


Faculty members are encouraged to initiate consultancy services in their respective specializations. The income generated from consultancy will be divided in a 70:30 ratio, with faculty members retaining 70% of the net income, while the remaining 30% will be allocated to the college. The college's share will be utilized for the procurement of equipment and software, thereby further fostering and supporting consultancy activities.


Students are encouraged to submit papers related to their project work in Scopus-indexed conferences during the 7th (Prefinal) semester to enhance the recognition of their project. A weightage of 20% will be assigned to these publications when calculating their internal project marks. It's important to note that the college will not bear any expenses related to this endeavor. However, if research involving any number of students is published in a Category 1 or 2 journal, all students involved will receive equal incentives as a reward.


(a) Beneficiaries of the mentioned incentives must submit an undertaking confirming their commitment to serve GEI for at least one year following the benefit.

(b) This policy applies exclusively to GEI-affiliated faculty members. When claiming incentives faculty members must specify the full name of their affiliated college, such as Galgotias College of Engineering and Technology, Galgotias Institute of Management and Technology, or Galgotias College of Pharmacy, as applicable.

(c) All applications must be submitted through the R&D committee, which will provide the necessary format for claiming incentives.

(d) This policy will become effective from 1stAugust 2023. Ongoing funded projects initiated before this date will not be eligible for the incentives as per this policy.

(e) All faculty members are advised to create ORCID, Scopus, WoS, and Google Scholar IDs. These accounts should be regularly updated to include all publication details.

(f) Strict action will be taken against faculty members involved in cases of plagiarism or similar violations.