Faculty Seminar

The Schedule of the faculty Seminar in Odd Sem 2023-24 as follows:

S. No. Name of Faculty Member Date Seminar Topic
1. Mr. Nitesh Kumar Singh 13.12.2023 Investigation of Electrical Parameters of CdTe Photovoltaic Devices By Computational Analysis
2. Mr. Dinesh Prasad 29.11.2023 Choppers/DC-DC Converters
3. Ms. Preeti Dhiman 22.11.2023 Classification of Digital Image Forgery
4. Mr. Thakur Ankit Krishnakumar 08.11.2023 Microgrid protection
5. Mr. Probeer Sahw 01.11.2023 Electric Vehicles: Charging Infrastructure and Grid Integration
6. Mr. Manoj Saini 25.10.2023 ANFIS Based Boost Converter Simulink Model
7. Ms. Lipika Datta 18.10.2023 Challenges, Benefits & Technical Aspects of Agrivoltaic in context with Indian Scenario
8. Dr Bhuvnesh Khokhar 11.10.2023 LaTeX for superior typesetting
9. Dr Amit Kumar Sharma 04.10.2023 State Space Modelling
10. Dr Vidya Sagar Gupta 27.09.2023 Modelling of self-sustainable fully-covered photovoltaic thermal-compound parabolic concentrators
11. Dr Sunil Kumar Chaudhary 20.09.2023 Design and Analysis of DC to DC Converters used in PV Systems
12. Dr Pinki Yadav 13.09.2023 IoT and its Importance
13. Dr Mohammad Shahid 06.09.2023 Modelling and Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
14. Dr Md. Danish Equbal 30.08.2023 Fundamentals of Transformer Incipient Fault Identification and E-Nose based methodology for Online Classification