Faculty seminar

For Even Semester 2023-24

S No. Name of Faculty Date of Presentation Topic
1 Dr. Ashish Gupta 04.01.2024 Virtual Instrumentation
2 Mr. Amanpreet Saini 11.01.2024 Cognitive Radio
3 Dr. Brajesh Kumar Singh 29.01.2024 Biometric Traits
4 Dr. Sachin Kumar 07.02.2024 Loop Antenna for Wireless Capsule Endoscopy
5 Dr. Nitin Garg 09.02.2024 Nanotube Junctionless MOSFET
6 Mr. Ravi 22.02.2024 Human Motion Recognition using Speech
7 Mr. Alok Kumar 23.02.2024 Machine Learning in Image Processing

For Odd Semester 2023-24

S No. Name of Faculty Date of Presentation Topic
1 Dr. Richa 17.08.2023 Antenna Design for TVWS Band
2 Dr. R. L. Yadava 24.08.2023 Recent Advances on Antenna Design
3 Dr. Ningombam Ajit Kumar 30.08.2023 Semiconductor Device
4 Dr. R. Swaminathan 06.09.2023 Antenna Placement Over Complex Structures and Choosing the Right CEM Solvers
5 Mr. Shivam Gupta 14.09.2023 Model Order Reduction
6 Dr. Jaspreet Kour 21.09.2023 Multimodal Biometrics
7 Ms. Avinash Kaushal Awasthi 27.09.2023 Sensors for Adulteration Detection
8 Dr. S. Mohammed Sulaiman 05.10.2023 Adaptation of Low Power Counter Design Using Process Variation Technology
9 Ms. Shikha Gupta 12.10.2023 RTOS
10 Dr. Monika Bhatnagar 19.10.2023 IoT System and Applications for Smart Antenna
11 Dr. Ruchi Agrawal 26.10.2023 SIW Based Antenna
12 Ms. Ranjana Kumari 02.11.2023 DNG Inspired MIMO Antenna for THz Applications
13 Mr. Amit Gupta 07.11.2023 Current Mode Circuits
14 Mr. Anil Kumar Pandey 09.11.2023 Antenna Optimization using Machine Learning
15 Dr. Prakash Chandra Joshi 23.11.2023 Low Power VLSI Design
16 Dr. Kuldeep Singh 30.11.2023 All-Optical Logic Devices
17 Dr. Shilpee Patil 07.12.2023 Compact Antenna Design for 5G Applications
18 Dr. Jaspreet Kaur 29.12.23 Multimodal Biometrics
19 Mr. Gavendra Singh 21.12.2023 Application of Deep Learning: Videos Captioning & Classification
20 Ms. Sakshi Mittal 28.12.2023 Green Electronics for Future Communications System