Industrial Visit


GIMT organises industrial visit for students to help them gain first hand knowledge about the workings of an industry. These visits provide participants with practical insights into the functioning of various processes, technologies, and systems within a specific industry.

Educational Enhancement: Industrial visits are often organized for educational purposes, allowing participants to connect theoretical knowledge with real-world applications.

Exposure to Industry Practices: Participants can observe and understand the actual functioning of machinery, production processes, quality control measures, and safety protocols.

S.No. Date Organization Class/ Accompanying Faculty
1 19.1.2024 Amul Banas Dairy MBA I Sem A, B, C Sections Dr. Uzma Hasan, Dr. Abhishek Saxena
2 9.1.2024 Amul Banas Dairy MBA I Sem C Sections Dr. PK Tripathi, Ms. Charu Agarwal
3 24.11.2023 Yakuklt Danone Pvt. Ltd. MBA I Sem A, B Sections Dr. Meenal Pandey, Mr. Amit Manglik