Activites and Events (GIMT)


GIMT organises industrial visit for students to visit Yakult, Amul, Priyagold, etc companies to gain firsthand knowledge about the workings of an industry. These visits provide participants with practical insights into the functioning of various processes, technologies, and systems within a specific industry.

Educational Enhancement: Industrial visits are often organized for educational purposes, allowing participants to connect theoretical knowledge with real-world applications.

Exposure to Industry Practices: Participants can observe and understand the actual functioning of machinery, production processes, quality control measures, and safety protocols.


  • GIMT organized an innovation workshop in a dynamic and exciting way to foster creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving skills among students.
  • In this session participants brainstormed and generated creative ideas. Such sessions give an environment that encourages outside of the box thinking.
  • This session organized a pitch competition where participants presented their innovative ideas or solutions to a panel of judges. It Included criterias such as feasibility, creativity, and impact.


GIMT organized a guest lecturer in college for an excellent way to supplement academic learning, provide real-world insights, and expose students to different perspectives. Whether it's inviting industry professionals, experts in a specific field, or renowned speakers, a well-planned guest lecture can enhance the educational experience for students. The guest lecture clearly defined the objectives of the lecture. What do you want students to gain from the experience? It ensured that the content aligns with the curriculum or provides valuable supplementary information.

Alumni Talk

Alumni talk is important for the overall development of the students. Students get the opportunity to interact with their Alumni. Alumni share their knowledge about the college and the trends in the industries. GIMT organizes Alumni talk with the students twice every month.

Cultural Events

Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, is a significant celebration in many cultures, particularly in India. GIMT organized a Diwali event in College for a festive and enjoyable experience for students. A vibrant and festive theme for the event, incorporating traditional Diwali elements such as diyas (oil lamps), rangoli (decorative art), and vibrant colors was chosen. Students hosted a diya painting competition where they showcased their creativity by decorating traditional lamps. Students also organized a rangoli competition, encouraging participants to create colorful and intricate designs.