Faculty Seminars

S.No. Faculty Speaker Date of Seminar Topic of the Webinar
1 Mr. Amit Kumar Kesarwani 12-03-2024 Wearable microstrip Patch antenna for Biomedical Application
2 Mr.Ajeet Kumar Bharti 29-02-2024 Intelligent Transportation System
3 Dr.Arun Rana 20-02-2024 IOT:Revolution in the field of Research
4 Dr.Youddha Beer Singh 12-01-2024 Human Emotion Recognition through Speech
5 Dr. Sambit Satpathy 18-12-2023 AI Application on Healthcare System
6 Dr. Maksud Alam 20-11-2023 Body worn Antenna for Wireless Network
7 Dr.Sunil Kumar 10-11-2023 Inventory Optimization using Soft Computing Techniques
8 Dr.Avijeet Singh 03-11-2023 Nature Inspired Meta Heuristic Algorithm with a new Parameter Based Mutation for Solving Optimization Problems
9 Dr. Yashveer Singh 30-10-2023 Requirements Prioritization Using Logarithmic Fuzzy Trapezoidal Approach
10 Dr.Aditya Dev Mishra 27-10-2023 Motivation of SLR
11 Dr.Ratna Patil 20-10-2023 Named Entity Recognition
12 Dr. Vinit Kumar 16-10-2023 Paxos Consensus Algorithms
13 Dr.Shashi Kant Singh 13-10-2023 E Governance:A Tool for Curbing Corruption in Indian Higher Education System
14 Dr.Sanjay Kumar 06-10-2023 Semantic Segmentation using Brain Tumor MRI usingCNN
15 Dr.SachinKumar 25-09-2023 Federated Learning
16 Dr. Sachi Gupta 18-09-2023 Unveiling the Power of Evolution: Introduction to Genetic Algorithms"
17 Dr. Amreen Ahmad 15-09-2023 "Application of complex network in real life"
18 Dr.Ramveer Singh 11-09-2023 Ordeal Randomised Data Encryption Scheme(ORDES)
19 Dr. Pallavi Goel 08-09-2023 Broken Access Control
20 Dr. Narendra Kumar 04-09-2023 Introduction to BlockChain
21 Dr.Kavita Sharma 01-09-2023 Kerberos