Role and Responsibilities

One faculty can have multiple roles in IIC council.

  • President: Narendra Kumar, Dean Innovation & Incubation Cell, President GCELII, GCET, Gr. Noida
  • Vice President: Ashish Pandey, Deputy-Dean, Innovation & Incubation Cell and Vice President, GCELI2, GCET, Gr. Noida
  • Convener: Youddha Beer Singh, Deputy Dean, Innovation and Incubation and Convener, GCELI2, GCET, Gr. Noida, Preferably Incubation in charge of institute or Faculty with Entrepreneurship, Experience or Interest.
  • Innovation Activity Coordinator: Youddha Beer Singh / Mr. Kiran Kumar / Dr. Shilpee Patil
  • Start-up Activity Coordinator: Ravindra Kumar /Dr. Pawan Kumar Kushwaha
  • Internship Coordinator: Neeraj Pathak / Dr. Shilpee Patil
  • IPR activity Coordinator: Ashok Kumar Singh / Dr. Neeraj Pathak
  • Social Media Coordinator: Ravindra Kumar / Dr. Pankaj Pathania/ Mr. Kiran Kumar
  • ARIIA Coordinator Shilpee Patil/ Dr. Youddha Beer Singh
  • NIRF Coordinator Ashok Kumar Singh/ Dr. Pawan Kumar Kushwaha

Business Model Co-coordinator: Dr. Brijesh Kumar Singh

  • President: -
  • The President will constitute the IIC council and appoint its members. He/She is responsible for ensuring that Quarterly Council Meeting is planned Conduct Council Meeting in accordance with prescribed rules and that matters are dealt with in an orderly, efficient manner.
  • He/ She will lead the IIC
  • He/ She will have the IIC portal Login ID and will be the custodian of IIC portal login and data/ reports uploaded.
  • He/ She will call the meetings, set meeting agenda and will monitor the
  • He/ She will be the main point of contact with MHRD Innovation
  • He/ She will respond to all communication from IIC National Coordination team (MHRD Innovation Cell) and will be responsible to ensure decent performance of IIC.
  • He/ She will coordinate with MHRD innovation cell and responsible for all the IIC activities in the
  • He/ She will ensure Institution’s participation in IIC calendar activity and take lead in the institution driven activities (own initiatives).
  • He/ She will ensure the effective implementation of IIC activities with the help of
  • He could change the council members as per the decision taken in council meetings and update the information on portal.
  • He/ She will be responsible for submitting the monthly progress/activity reports on the IIC

1.1.1 Vice President: -

  • It is an Honorary post for a senior expert representative from Industry/Ecosystem He/She can be from faculty representative as well in case no experts are available.

1.2. Convener: -

  • The Convener will work in close coordination with IIC president and will provide help wherever required for smooth conduction of activities.
  • He/ She will ensure the participation in the meeting and will prepare the meeting agenda at least 10 days prior to meeting with the inputs from all valuable council members and President.
  • He/ She will ensure that the internal examination dates would not interfere with the IIC activities and coordinate with all departments to ensure the same.
  • He/ She will collect the inputs from all the members of the council at regular interval, especially external members for better planning of IIC activities and effective delivery of results.

Faculty Member/Faculty representatives/ non-teaching staff: -

Following members will work in close coordination with President and Convener to develop a comprehensive ecosystem of innovation and synergy in efforts to boost entrepreneurship. They will work as per the responsibilities assigned in council meeting.

1.3. Innovation activity coordinator -

Will work to promote innovation related activities on campus or as mandated in IIC council meeting.

1.4. Start-up activity coordinator -

Will work to boost startup generation among students and related activities or as mandated in IIC council meeting.

1.5. Internship coordinator -

Will work to arrange student internships in startups, so to expose them with startup ecosystem in India, real-life challenges in startup and their success stories or as mandated in IIC council meeting.

1.6. IPR activity coordinator -

To promote awareness about IPRs and conduct related activities on campus or as mandated in IIC council meeting.

1.7. Social Media Coordinator -

Will create and manage IIC page/account on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and other relevant social media platforms. He / She will be responsible for posting all the relevant information about council meeting resolution and action plan, IIC activities and follow/tag MIC/IIC page and posts on these platforms. He/ She will also ensure that all students follow MIC/IIC page/account on social media to get first-hand information.

  • ARIIA Coordinator (Optional) - Coordinate for ARIIA related
  • NIRF coordinator (Optional)- Coordinate for NIRF related