About the Department

The Department of Applied Sciences and the Humanities holds a crucial position in educating young undergraduate engineering students. Its primary aim is to provide a solid grasp of fundamental Science and humanities, laying the groundwork for practical engineering endeavours. By fostering a deep understanding of core scientific principles and mathematics, the department equips students with the essential building blocks necessary for success in the field of engineering. GalgotiasCollege of Engineering & Technology is a top Humanities College in Delhi/NCR.

As the department serves as the gateway to engineering education for first-year students, its significance cannot be overstated. We are committed to providing personalized support to every student. This individualized approach ensures that students receive the attention and guidance they need to thrive academically. The success of our efforts is evident in the outstanding academic performance of our students. 

The Department boasts a team of highly qualified, skilled and dedicated teaching faculty, most of whom are doctorates from reputed institutions. The department fosters a vibrant and dynamic research atmosphere, resulting in a significant number of research articles published in both national and international journals. This showcases the department's commitment to advancing knowledge and contributing to academic research. The department boasts well-equipped laboratories designed to offer hands-on training to students in physics and chemistry. Additionally, our language lab aids students in honing their communication skills. 

The Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities serves as a vital foundation for undergraduate engineering students, providing them with essential knowledge, skills, and support to succeed in their academic and professional endeavours. With its focus on personalized education, qualified faculty, research contributions, and practical training facilities, the department plays a crucial role in fostering academic excellence and holistic development among students.

The traits are a single gateway to engineering education along with a focus on humanities combined with highly experienced faculty members, world-class infrastructure, a strong research environment, personalized support to the student community and transparency make GalgotiasCollege of Engineering & Technology of Applied Sciences and Humanities the best in Delhi /NCR.