Innovative Teaching Practices

S.No. Name of the Innovations Description Name of the courses in which the Innovation introduced by the Faculty
1 Interactive Online Modules Online modules that go beyond traditional lectures. These modules incorporate multimedia elements, interactive quizzes, and real-world case studies. All MBA courses during academic year 2021-2022
2 Flipped Classroom Mode Students review lecture materials independently before class and use class time for discussions and problem-solving Strategic Management, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Managerial Economics.
3 Usage of Technology Tools Integration of various technology tools in teaching methodologies. Simulations and online collaboration platforms are leveraged for immersive learning experiences. Information Technology, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management.
4 Mentorship Programs Implementation of mentoring programs where senior students mentor junior students to facilitate knowledge exchange, provide academic support, and create a sense of community within the department. Managerial Economics, Financial Accounting, Business Statistics.
5 NPTEL Video Lectures Faculty leverage NPTEL video lectures for professional development, incorporating subject-specific knowledge and pedagogical expertise into teaching practices. Business Communication, Strategic Management
6 Research-based Projects Integration of rigorous research methods, data collection, analysis, and dissemination of findings through publications or presentations. Collaboration with colleagues and seeking external funding opportunities enhances the scope and impact of projects. Business Research Methods, , Research Project Reports.
7 Live Case Studies Utilization of real-world scenarios to enhance understanding of pedagogical challenges, instructional strategies, and student engagement. These case studies involve ongoing situations, allowing faculty to explore, analyze, and apply knowledge to dynamic educational contexts. All MBA theory subjects
8 Research-Integrated Courses Integration of faculty research findings directly into the curriculum, exposing students to cutting-edge developments in the field. MBA Research Project, Special Topics in Management, Industry-specific electives
9 Collaborative Learning Dividing students into small groups for answering questions, working on projects, and learning from one another. Group Dynamics, Team Leadership, Project Management
10 Gamification Integration of game elements and mechanics into the learning process to enhance engagement, motivation, and retention of course material. Marketing Management, Operations Management.
11 Personalized Learning Paths Offering tailored learning paths and resources based on individual student needs, preferences, and learning styles, enabling self-paced learning and personalized feedback. All MBA subjects
12 Design Thinking Applying design thinking methodologies to solve business problems, emphasizing empathy, creativity, and iterative prototyping to develop innovative solutions Design Thinking
13 Mindfulness Practices Incorporating mindfulness techniques and practices into the curriculum to promote stress reduction, focus, emotional intelligence, and overall well-being among students. Human Values and Professional ethics
14 Gamification Gamification incorporates game elements, such as points, badges, leader boards, and challenges, into educational activities to motivate and engage students. Business Communication, Principles of Management
15 Virtual Guest Speakers and Experts Virtual guest speakers and experts invited to join classroom sessions via video conferencing platforms, offering students unique insights, perspectives, and real-world experiences. Guest Lectures and Alumini Talk