S. No. Name Qualification Area of Specialization Designation Nature of Association
(Regular/ Contractual)
1 Dr. Rahul Vivek Purohit Ph.D Microwave Engineering Prof. & Head Regular
2 Dr. Jaspreet Kaur Ph.D Pattern Recognition  Professor Regular
3 Dr. Ram Lal Yadava Ph.D Microwave Antennas and commuincations Professor Regular
4 Dr. Ashish Gupta Ph.D IOT Assoc. Prof. Regular
5 Dr. Brajesh Kumar Singh Ph.D Signal Processing Assoc. Prof. Regular
6 Dr. Kuldeep Singh Ph.D Optical Communication Assoc. Prof. Regular
7 Dr. Monika Bhatnagar Ph.D Antenna and Communication Engineering, IoT system & Applications  Assoc. Prof. Regular
8 Dr. Richa Ph.D Antenna Design, Communication Engineering and Data Communication  Assoc. Prof. Regular
9 Dr. Sachin Kumar Ph.D RF & Microwave  Assoc. Prof. Regular
10 Dr. Shahid Eqbal Ph.D Medical Image Processing Assoc. Prof. Regular
11 Mr. Atul Kumar M.Tech Semiconductor Devices, Renewable Energy  Assoc. Prof. Regular
12 Dr. Maksud Alam Ph.D Wireless Network Assoc. Prof. Regular
13 Dr. Vijay Shanker Chaudhary Ph.D Electronics and Communication  Assoc. Prof. Regular
14 Dr. Rajesh Kumar Ph.D RFIC/ MMIC, Power Amplifier  Assoc. Prof. Regular
15 Dr. Ashish Pandey Ph.D Wireless Communication  Asst. Prof. Regular
16 Dr. Mohamed Sulaiman Samsudeen Ph.D VLSI Design Asst. Prof. Regular
17 Dr. Ningombam Ajit Kumar Ph.D Semiconductor Devices Asst. Prof. Regular
18 Dr. Nitin Garg Ph.D Wireless Communication  Asst. Prof. Regular
19 Mr. Alok Kumar M.Tech Image Processing, Machine Learning, Electronic Devices, Control System Asst. Prof. Regular
20 Mr. Amanpreet Singh Saini MS Antenna Design, RF, Data Communication Asst. Prof. Regular
21 Mr. Amit Gupta M.Tech VLSI Design Asst. Prof. Regular
22 Mr. Anil Kumar Pandey M.Tech Antenna Design and Machine Learning  Asst. Prof. Regular
23 Mr. Ausaf Hasan Tarique M.Tech Image Processing  Asst. Prof. Regular
24 Mr. Deependra Sinha M.Tech Communication Asst. Prof. Regular
25 Mr. Dhinakaran M M.E. Image Processing and AI, ML Asst. Prof. Regular
26 Mr. Gavendra Singh M.Tech 6G and Beyond (Thrust Area) Asst. Prof. Regular
27 Mr. Mohd. Alamgir Khan M.Tech Renewable Energy  Asst. Prof. Regular
28 Mr. Mukesh Chauhan M.Tech Image Processing  Asst. Prof. Regular
29 Mr. Ravi M.Tech Speech Processing  Asst. Prof. Regular
30 Mr. Shivam Gupta M.Tech Process Control Asst. Prof. Regular
31 Ms. Avinash Kaushal Awasthi M.Tech Sensors, Digital Design Asst. Prof. Regular
32 Ms. Priyanka Mathur M.Tech Graph Signal Processing, Biomedical Signal Analysis Asst. Prof. Regular
33 Ms. Ranjana Kumari M.Tech Microwave & Antenna Design Asst. Prof. Regular
34 Ms. Ruchi Agrawal M.Tech Antenna Design Asst. Prof. Regular
35 Ms. Sakshi Mittal M.Tech Image Processing, Microprocessor Asst. Prof. Regular
36 Dr. Shilpee Patil PhD Microwave & Antenna Design Asst. Prof. Regular
37 Dr. Arun Kumar Ph.D Internet of Things Asst. Prof. Regular
38 Mr. Bhola Nath Gupta M.Tech Digital Communication Asst. Prof. Regular
39 Mr. Amit Kumar Kesarwani M.Tech Microwave Engineering Asst. Prof. Regular