Galgotias Centre For Experiential Learning, Innovation And Incubationcore Team Members

Sr. No. Name of Member Mail id Designation & Department Key Role/ Position Assigned in IIC
1 Dr. Narendra Kumar Professor, CSE Dean, GCELII & President IIC.
2 Dr. Ashish Pandey Assistant Professor, ECE Deputy Dean, GCELII & Vice-President IIC.
3 Dr. Youddha Beer Singh Associate Professor, CSE Deputy Dean, GCELII & Convener IIC.
4 Mr. Kiran Kumar Assistant Professor, IT Convener IA Activity Coordinator.
5 Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh Associate Professor, ME Co-convener IPR Activity IIC Member
6 Dr. Brijesh Kumar Singh Professor, MBA IIC Member & Business Model Coordinator
7 Dr. Neeraj Pathak Assistant Professor, MCA IIC Member & IPR Activity Coordinator
8 Dr. Pawan Kumar Kushwaha Assistant Professor, EEE IIC Member & Start-up Activity Coordinator
9 Mr. Ravindra Kumar Assistant Professor, CSE IIC Member & Start-up Activity Coordinator Social Media Coordinator
10 Dr. Shilpee Patil Assistant Professor, ECE IIC Member & IPR Activity Coordinator
11 Dr. Pankaj Pathania Associate Professor. AS&H IIC Member & Convener NISP, Social Media Coordinator
12 Dr. Manisha Kumar Professor, GIMT IIC Member
13 Dr. Neeraj Kumar Assoc. Prof., GCOP IIC Member