Innovative Teaching Practices

Innovations by the Faculty in Teaching and Learning

S.No. Name of the Innovations Description Name of the courses in whichin Innovation introduced by the Faculty
1 Animated Video Lecture
  • Animated video are shown to students for DC machines working.
  • Animated video are shown to students. In this, using computer generated imagery (CGI), students get more information, easier way to understand and helps to remember.
  • Electrical Machines-1
  • Microprocessor
2 Demonstration by Simulation
  • Different Concepts of mentioned subjects are explained to students through MATLAB simulation.
  • Power Electronics
  • Special Electrical Machines
  • Network Analysis and Synthesis
3 Band diagrams is used.
  • Energy Band diagram was explained for better understanding of diodes.
  • Current applications of analog and digital devices.
  • Analog and Digital Electronics
4 Learning while eating: Group discussion along with access to internet on laptop
  • Real time examples of open loop and closed loop control systems
    • Control System
      5 Group discussion along with access to internet on laptop in cafeteria
      • The students were allowed to sit in the canteen with their laptops. Wi-Fi was given for students to have internet access.
      • The topic “P, PI, PID controllers were given for the students.
      • Control System
      6 Research based Projects
      • Use of rigorous research methods, collect and analyze relevant data, and disseminate findings through publications or presentations.
      • Project work
      7 Student-Peer Mentoring Programs
      • Recognizing the importance of peer learning, faculty members have implemented peer mentoring programs. Senior students are paired with junior students to facilitate knowledge exchange, provide academic support, and create a sense of community within the department.
      • Mentorship Programs are implemented in which senior students take classes to junior students. Difficult subjects like Power System, Electrical Machine has been covered.