Name Qualification Area of Specialization Designation Nature of Association
(Regular/ Contractual)
1 Dr. A. Ambikapathy Ph.D Renewable Energy, Power Energy Prof. & Head Regular
2 Dr. Gauri Katiyar Ph.D Image Processing, Soft computing Professor Regular
3 Dr. Kiran Srivastava Ph.D Power Electronics, Fuzzy Logics,SRM Professor Regular
4 Dr. Reena Sharma Ph.D Optical Communication Professor Regular
5 Dr. Kanhaiya Kumar Ph.D Renewable Energy and soft computing  Assoc. Prof. regular 
6 Dr. Kapil Deo Bodha Ph.D Power System Optimization, Renewable Energy Sources, Facts Devices , Soft Computing Techniques Assoc. Prof. Regular 
7 Dr. Neha Jain Ph.D Organic Electronics, Nano Materials Assoc. Prof. Regular
8 Dr. Ravendra Singh Ph.D Analog Signal Processing, VLSI Assoc. Prof. Regular 
9 Mr. Bijendra Kumar M.S. Removal in Diesel Engine Exhaust Asst. Prof.  Regular
10 Dr. Bidyut Mahato Ph.D Power Electronics, Power Conversion Asst. Prof. Regular
11 Dr. Pawan Kumar Kushwaha Ph.D Power System, Renewable Energy Asst. Prof. Regular
12 Mr. Bishnu Deo Kumar M.Tech Mechatronics Asst. Prof. Regular
13 Mr. Chandan Kumar M.Tech Power Electronics Asst. Prof. Regular
14 Mr. Lochan Varshney M.Tech VLSI Design Asst. Prof. Regular
15 Mr. Manish Shrivastava M.Tech Electrical Machines, Power Electronics & Drives Asst. Prof. Regular
16 Mr. Ravindra Kumar Yadav M.E. Instrumentation and Control Asst. Prof. Regular
17 Mr. Sandeep Kumar Tripathi M.Tech Renewable Energy, Control and Optimization, Artificial Intelligence Asst. Prof. Regular
18 Mr. Vinod Kumar M.Tech Instrumentation and Control Asst. Prof. Regular
19 Ms. Diptimayee Dash M.E. Photonics, Antenna Asst. Prof. Regular
20 Ms. Kalpana Hazarika M.Tech Reliability Engineering, Power system Asst. Prof. Regular
21 Ms. R Shobana M.E. Control and Instrumentation Asst. Prof. Regular