Innovative Teaching Practices

Innovations by the Faculty in Teaching and Learning

S.No. Name of the Innovations Description Name of the courses in which in Innovation introduced by the faculty
1 Usage of Technology Tools
  • Our faculty has integrated various technology tools (Smart Classes) in their teaching methodologies.
  • Data Analytics
  • Software Engineering
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Structures
2 Peer Mentoring Programs
  • Faculty members have put peer mentorship programs in place because they believe peer learning is so important. In order to foster information exchange, offer academic support, and foster a sense of community within the department, senior students are partnered with junior students.
  • Mentorship Programs are implemented in which senior students take classes to junior students.
3 Interactive Online Modules
  • Online modules that go beyond traditional lectures.
  • These modules incorporate multimedia elements, interactive quizzes and real-world case studies
    • All courses during academic year 2021-2022 was conducted using MS Teams and Google Classrooms also use real world case studies as assignments.
    4 Collaborative Learning
    • Students are divided into small groups to answer questions, work on projects and learn from one another
    • Mini Project
    • Web Development
    • Major Project
    5 Flipped Classroom Model
    • Students independently review the lecture materials before to class. After that, they have debates and problem-solving sessions in class.
    • Data Analytics
    • Software Engineering
    6 Research based Projects Apply rigorous research techniques, gather and examine pertinent data, and share conclusions via presentations or publications. Furthermore, collaborating with peers and looking for outside funding sources can help these projects become bigger and have a greater impact.
    • Mini Project
    • Major Project