Message from HOD


Prof. & HoD Department of Information Technology, Galgotia College of Engineering and Technology.

This gives me immense pleasure in leading the Department of Information Technology (IT). Our college is one of the premier institutions, unique like a prism, with manifold shades of learning and curricular activities. GCET is striving hard towards the goal of providing innovative and high- quality education with high standards to achieve academic excellence. The IT Department maintains sturdy ties with the industry, research institutions, and experts in the community.

The department strives to combine educational excellence with service in the industry. Our vision is to be recognized as an innovative and cutting-edge information technology sector. Our goal was to provide students with a balance of intellectual and practical experiences that enable them to meet a variety of social needs. In our department, students are encouraged to become project managers, system analysts, industry team leaders, best software professionals, or entrepreneurs in innovative ways. Many students in our department have left a lasting mark in the field of information technology at home and abroad, which makes us proud. We have hardworking students and highly skilled and experienced faculty members with expertise in computer science and IT. These are the basic elements that constitute the Information Technology Department, which is at the heart of our institute. We firmly believe in our ability to succeed in and maintain an attitude of independence, trust, dedication, and accountability to the country we are supposed to serve. This is what lies behind our young and dynamic IT departments. The IT Department believes in building careers, enriching minds, and delivering amazing experiences that last a lifetime.

Learning is a continuous process and does not end with the acquisition of a degree, especially because steady and rapid advances in computing technologies have shortened the life of tools and techniques prevalent today. We believe that this approach to teaching and learning, coupled with practical experience gained during internship opportunities in reputed organizations, enables students to handle the challenges posed by the IT industry.

The department also celebrates various festivals and special days to imbibe the richness of Indian culture, ethics, and social responsibility along with technical events.

IT department students exhibit a high level of professional competence in their respective fields and become socially responsible citizens.

Over the years, the Department of Information Technology has developed into a center of excellence, providing opportunities for innovation and research by providing well-equipped computer laboratories, along with a pool of talented faculty members specializing in various emerging areas. The department takes pride in having faculty members recognized as mentors for Project-Based Learning (PBL) by the industry. Faculty members are continuously updating their latest technologies by participating in conferences/seminars, workshops, FDPs, and training programs organized by the industry. The department has a society that organizes several techno- cultural events and is led by the students. It gives students the chance to showcase their talent on a larger platform.

The department organizes various digital skill readiness programs such as Wipro TalentNext, Infosys Campus Connect, Future Skills in association with NASSCOM, TCS Ninja, and Digital Nurture by Cognizant. Various activities and events, such as industrial visits, seminars, and workshops, are being organized regularly to bridge the industry-academia gap. Many opportunities are provided to students to participate in various technical events at the national level, such as HackWithInfy, as well as at premier institutions such as IITs and NITs.

The Department of IT offers one of the most panoramic curricula, ranging from basic technical language learning to emerging technologies, such as machine learning, cloud computing, networking, image processing, and Android programming. In addition, the Department of IT strives for stronger partnerships with the industry in big data, data analytics, computer vision, cloud computing, Java full-stack top-up, etc.

The department attracts brilliant students from all over India and has an excellent placement record for both core and non-core companies. Students are also being offered niche roles in various fields, such as cloud computing and cyber security, as well as specialist roles such as digital specialist programmers and power programmers. Many graduates choose to pursue higher education at premier institutions around the world.

Still, others choose to chase their dreams by taking a path that is less traveled, such as the social welfare route or liberal arts-based vocations. There are well-equipped laboratories within the department, such as Computer Programming Lab, DBMS Lab, Software Development Lab, Network Lab, Project Lab, R&D Lab, etc. Research in this department has focused on the creation and evaluation of innovative learning through outcome-based education. A variety of patents and research papers have been published by students and faculty members as an outcome of project work. Several courses, such as the Constitution of India, Law and Engineering, Indian Tradition, Culture and Society, Human Values, and Rural Development: Administration and Planning, are also being offered to students for their overall personality development and professional ethics.

One of the strengths of the department is its strong entrepreneurial culture, and many students have successfully involved themselves in creating entrepreneurial ventures; some of them have gone fully commercialized within a short period.

In the course of its development and growth, the department managed to establish a prominent position in academics and also earned accreditation from the National Board of Accreditation (NBA).