PEO 1. Gain contemporary knowledge of the Business Concepts and their application in problem solving.

PEO 2. Apply different tools for decision making required for solving complex managerial problems with a passion to innovate.

PEO 3. Equip students with excellent academic environment to demonstrate high levels of communication skills, creativity, critical thinking, responsibility, teamwork and leadership in their career.

PEO 4. Solve complex business problems and to develop leadership skills to handle business uncertainties and crisis with a rational approach.

PEO 5. Produce industry ready graduates having the highest ethical standards and concern for environment.


PO 1: Students will have knowledge in core areas of business based on current research and best practice.

PO 2: Students will be able toutilize qualitative and quantitative methods for effective decision making and to overcome critical business challenges.

PO 3: Students will be able to analyze and evaluate the political, economical, social, legal and technological global environment.

PO 4: Students will be able toIdentify new business opportunities and innovate at the workplace.

PO 5: Students will be able to communicate effectively as a manager under different situations with all stakeholders.

PO 6: Students will be able to engage in independent and life-long learning and shall be able to take up challenging assignments for self development.

PO 7: Students will be able to integrate ethical considerations while taking business decisions.


PSO 1: Students will be prepared for an excellent corporate career ahead with a strong value system and ethical conduct to bring positive change in organization, economy and society.

PSO 2: Students will be able to apply the knowledge of management concepts to solve complex corporate problems within available resources.